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Rough Reasons For Not Writing

Here are the list of rough reasons for not writing.

Too much work: When writing feels like work, I don’t tend to write. That’s why always try to make it as simple as you can for writing. Right now, for me to write, I need to open my laptop, wait for it to load, open google chrome browser, type my URL, enter the WordPress dashboard, go to the writing panel and then write.

The writing isn’t the end, I need to edit my writing. Re-write it. And after everything looks great, I need to add links to appropriate posts. I need to check the SEO. I need to add categories, tags and then pictures. After that, I can finally post.

So clearly, it’s a lot of work. And most of the time I don’t feel like it.

Thought Loop: I want everything to be organized. So for posting photos, I have to think a lot. Should I post my own photos? Should I post photos from the internet? Should I only post a photo that goes with the article or should I post photos that I want to be the thumbnail of the article? I don’t know. I kind of keep thinking about it and don’t write anything in the end. I just don’t feel like starting when I know it won’t be organized.

Not Having Anything to Write: That’s not a problem for me anymore. It used to be, though. Now I can just think what’s on my mind and write about it. You can question the quality of the post, but I always have somthing to write. It’s either a rant or a good blog post. Good blog post takes time.

Not Being Consistent: When you are not consistent, it’s pretty difficult to perform the work. You need to start over again, and build habit.

These are roughly some reason that’s on my mind right now on why I don’t write.


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