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How to Write a Blog Post Worth Your Readers Time

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When we first start to write blog post, we often write it for others. We desperately want others to read it and give us immediate feedback. So we twist and turn our natural voice and flow to make people like it.

With time, everyone falls on this habit of writing something which is off no help to the reader.

Often times, we just get past the posts with simple truths. Truths like action is better than talking, words are winds, judge a man by his action and not by his words, etc.

However, if you want to write a post worth your readers time, it needs a little more. Maybe some practical advice, or some small steps to implement it in daily life that will reduce talking and promote action.

Something useful and actionable. Something more than just writing or talking.

Usually, it’s better to add some of your personal stories to go along with your blog post. You can then show your readers how you dealt with the issue. If not, how you tried and failed while trying to deal with the issue.

Anything to add value and something for the reader to takeaway.

If your blog posts don’t consist of any takeaways, then it’s not going to be worth their time.

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