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Right this very minute, I’m afraid to write anything. When I typed my website URL to write this blog post, I didn’t feel like writing. I was afraid because I didn’t have anything to write.

I sometimes feel like why I’m writing anything. There’s no purpose. And then, I go back to my initial state of mind and re-assure myself  that it’s to improve my writing and life as a whole. Here are some reasons why I write and maybe you should too:

Add a Skill to my Skillset

It’s very difficult to put your feelings in words. If I can put my thoughts into words without trouble, then I’ll have pretty solid skill in my skillset. It’s like being able to explain what you have in your mind in words. Sounds easy, but it’s pretty difficult when you go through it.


Writing has become a type of meditation for me. I go through all my thoughts in the morning and write it down. That way, I feel the same effects of meditation. The whole environment dilutes. It’s amazing. At some level, I’m addicted to it as well.

Making World a Better Place

What I write might not have significant impact in the whole world. But if, at least one person changes because of my posts, then my writing has become a huge success. I’ll have planted a seed for someone, which will help them improve their life, at least in a small way.

Improve Writing

Writing doesn’t improve overnight. I’ll have to do more of it to get some returns. That’s why I’m writing something everyday.

Increase Typing Speed

Writing faster is co-related with productivity. If I have solid typing speed then I can get my works done faster. I spend most of my time writing blog posts, e-mailing clients, etc. I can also waste less time on social media if I can type faster, which means less distraction.


I’m not writing any of this for my audience or readers, I’m writing this for myself. If you can take some value out of it, then great. If not, I’m happy that I’m writing this, at least for myself.  I get to contemplate thoughts and look back at time and see how I improved overtime.

If I keep writing, the block will break through. I will get comfortable and everything I write will flow smoothly.

I’m finally happy that I wrote this. I’m not scared anymore – it happens only after I start writing.

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  • While I sit down to write, I am trying to complete a daunting task. A task to write on a blank sheet of paper.
    We don’t always have ideas hovering in our mind, especially when we’re about to write something.
    Previously when I fell behind on blogging, I avoided writing anything for this reason. I didn’t want to wake up to this feeling everyday.
    Most of the time, I want to write, but I can’t. And everytime I can’t do something which I want, a little piece of me dies inside and my days starts on a bad note.
    If I don’t want to ruin my day early in the morning, I need to get my writing done. If not, I’ll have a horrible day.
    So, through this pressure, I trust a instint inside me everytime I try and write something. Everytime I open my laptop and fire up the text editor, I trust that instinct inside me that helps me to write.
    Right this minute as I’m writing this, I’m trusting that instinct. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to write. Maybe few more sentences, or few more paragraphs. It’s there guiding me.
    The more and more I write, the more and more I learn that we need to trust the instinct within us. Without it, it’s very difficult to complete daunting tasks like writing.
    I didn’t want to fire up this text editor today to write, but I did it because I trust that instinct. I trust that my writing will flow somehow. I’ll have something to share with the world.
    That’s the same for living your life. You need to trust the instinct that every target you set to achieve your goal will be fulfilled somehow.

  • Whenever I learn or work on anything, I always opt for the long and hard way. I was never like that before.
    I hate to wait. So, I always tried taking the easy approach. I would want to learn everything within a day or two, because I didn’t have patience to wait for a long time, nor did I want to choose the hard way when the easy path was lying beside it.
    Most people almost always choose the easy path and skip the hard ones. But choosing the hard path provides you with more advantage:
    Hard path makes you learn properly. Whenever you’re learning the hard way, you’ll have to learn each and every small detail properly. You won’t be able to skip it all. It’s intimidating and sometimes frustrating because you won’t have huge progress compared to other people who are taking the easy way. However, you’ll have all the details and knowledge which they don’t have.
    It builds self discipline. It takes lots of self discipline to learn the hard way. It’s because something more easy is lying besides you and you chose the hard path. You’ll have to learn to avoid regretting your decision.
    It will teach you ‘Good things take time’. In other words, it builds patience. We don’t want to wait long for anything. We want instant gratification with everything we do.
    You will master the basics. When we skip the hard part, we won’t be concerned about the basics. The basics are the foundation of our knowledge of any subject matter. And if you don’t master the basics, your work won’t be effective. So, learning the hard way enables you to master the basics.
    Talking about the easy path I could, for example, fake my writing to be great. It can work for sometime, but not in the long run. To get better at anything you need to take it’s natural course. It takes time and hard work.
    That’s why I’m writing everyday on my own terms so that I’ll be able to find my inner voice and write better. I’m choosing to take the long and hard way.
    Same with programming. You could copy paste code snippets every time you program or you can learn everything the long and hard way.
    We often always try and choose the easy path in anything we do. But that only works as a quick fix. So, avoid that and start choosing the long and hard way.