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Wake The Fuck Up

Your life and mind are the most valuable asset you own. You need to protect it, if not, there are lots of people out to grab it.

Every corporation, company and individual want you to consume their stuff. There are lots of outlets like advertisements for them to feed you their stuff and drag in.

If you are consciously not making any progress in your life, then you’re letting them win over you.

If you’re not able to decide your life goals, the only alternative is to let other people or organization lay out a path for you.

Most of our life is pre destined by the system.

School -> College -> Work -> Marriage -> Retirement -> Death

You’re also unconsciously moving towards that line. If you won’t do anything now, there’s very high chance that you won’t be able to succeed in life as per your own standards.

Either wake the fuck up, or let others lay out a mediocre path for you.

You always have a choice. Either to fill your mind with good stuff or let others design it.

So, if you don’t make your life decisions yourself, someone else will and it won’t be as good as you’d make for yourself.

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