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Expanding Consciousness

The only way to expand and understand the whole of your consciousness you need to be aware of your conditioning.  When we are able to be aware of totality we are functioning all the time with our attention. When we become totally aware of the whole field of consciousness there is no friction. We only have friction when we divide things into different levels or ideas like actions, feeling and consciousness.

We have actually never looked at ourselves. If you look at yourself closely, you will find that you are one person at home, another at school/office, you say we should love everybody but kill them with indirect competition. You can easily figure out that there is only one part of you working independently of the other. When we have fragmented ourselves so much, how is it possible for our brain to be aware of the whole field? : Which means to be a total human being. We should always remember that we can only become a total human being when we are aware of the whole field.

It may take weeks, months or even years to understand yourself. You should move step by step uncovering all the layers and figure out your feelings, thoughts and motives. Doing this will take you to the analytical process where you can understand the whole structure of the self or what we call as ‘me’.

There is truth in totality and the only way to get there is to not divide the mind. We will start to understand ourselves only when we are totally aware of ourselves.
For example when there is a spot kick in football match, the goal keeper watches every step and body move of the player. At this moment the goal keeper never thinks about how hungry he is or that he has to attend a birthday party. He will be paying full attention to the ball and steps and body move of the player. This is the totality of the goal keeper.

If we can always live in such state of attention then we can gain total energy and in such awareness the totality of yourself is revealed in an instant.


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