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Keep logs of your work

Keep Logs of Your Work

There’s peace of mind when we don’t need to care about something we need to complete in the future. I post new blog post once every week. Every week I have to think if I’ve written something to post or not. If I have then there’s some peace of mind, if not then I’ll have to face deadlines – which is very stressful.

Sometimes, I’m very busy trying to learn new stuffs and programs. So, I don’t get time to write new blog posts. And at the end of the week I have to face deadline to write a blog post. And it’s really stressful because I’ll need to force my creative mind to bring up good ideas.

When we try and force something upon us, the product won’t be as good as we expect it to be.

Hence, while faced with deadline, my writing won’t be as good as I expect it to be and I’ll have to deal with lots of stress of deadline.

Having a deadline to write or create something only drains your mental energy and you can’t produce anything good. You’ll only produce for the sake of producing.

To make this easier and to prevent yourself from deadlines you need to keep logs of your work. That’ll help a lot. It might be for any work you do. For writing, painting, composing, etc. Keep a log of your work so that when you need it, you won’t have to panic or face any deadline. Deadline saps your mental energy and makes situation more stressful.

Everyday in the morning after I open my computer, I write something. Sometimes I write something better and most of the times it’s just something to fill the screen. If I write a good post then I’ll schedule it to be published at future date. That way I’ll have peace of mind. I won’t have to deal with deadlines to publish blog post.

Let’s say, for example, you create and post a new song every month. You can keep logs of your songs with you to post it every month. That way you won’t have to deal with deadlines of posting your song every month. Even if you’re busy at something, you’ll have your song posted.

Or let’s say you are a photographer and you need to post photos everyday. Chances are that you take many photos in a same day. You can then schedule your photos to be posted everyday. That way, you wont have to post photos everyday. If you schedule 20 photos for 20 days then you’ll be free for another 19 days. That’s a lot better.

Keeping logs of your work gives you freedom.

Sometimes I create lots of blog posts in a day. If I create 4 blog posts then I’ll schedule it for 4 weeks. So, that way, I won’t have to think about it for 4 weeks. In the same way, you can do that with your work, whatever it is.

I’m writing this today, but this blog post will be scheduled to be live probably after two weeks.

I don’t have to deal with deadlines and I can work on anything I want. This is one of the technique I use to deal with deadlines. I keep logs of everything.

It works like a backup. If you get sick or you won’t be able to work then no problem. You’ll already have a log of your work which you can use.

Hence, keep logs of your work.

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