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4 Ways To Make Time for Everything


I’ve always wondered how people get time to create masterpiece. How people get time to write a book or work on their hobby. Trying to figure it out was really an eye opener for me. I found that I was wasting lots of time everyday. If I worked on something then I couldn’t make time for another.
I was interested in people who were successful and could make time for everything they value. They have time for socializing, following their dream, creating stuffs, writing book, and lots more. How is it possible when we don’t even have time for writing a simple blog post? That was what I asked myself but now I have rough idea how it works.

Create daily checklist

Famous economist Peter drucker once said, “What gets measured, get’s managed.” Which obviously means that, if you want to manage anything, you need to make it measurable. So you’ve got to manage daily checklist, instead of just writing. That’s how I started creating free time everyday. Creating daily checklist is really easy. Write stuffs you need to do everyday. For example: Brushing, Learning, Meditating, Running/walking, etc. After you make sure you do all those stuffs, you should eventually get rough idea of how much time it takes. Whenever you find yourself stuck, check the list and perform next action. That way you won’t get bored or forget to work on important things.

Write your Most Important Task for the Day

As soon as you wake up, write the most important task you need to execute during the day. That way you won’t have pressure while you start the day. Your brain won’t be heavy and you can focus on other stuffs until you work on your important task. This is very important because when you know you won’t forget about the most important task to perform, you will feel free and light.

Set Priority

You should have list of priority in hierarchical order. The most important on top and least important on the bottom. So, whenever you have free time after performing your task, you can work on stuffs with high priority.

Cut out on Bullshit

Cut out all the unnecessary elements from your life. Removing TV from your life is highly recommend. I’ve cut it out successfully except for some occasional live matches. There’s no point in watching TV. It does more harm than good and easily occupies your valuable time. If you can just cut out TV you will have lots of free time to work on other important activities. I wouldn’t be able to write this if I was watching Television. It’s funny when you hear that people don’t have time to write or work, while they have time to watch TV. It’s tough to cut out TV habits, but if you work on it slowly then it’s easily doable. Don’t try to cut it out at once, do it slowly. If you watch TV for 3 hours then cut 15 minutes while starting, and then increase slowly.
It’s not only about cutting out TV, it’s surfing internet mindlessly, partying and hanging out with friends for no reason. There are loads of bullshit we go through everyday. If we can recognize and cut them then we will have lots of free time, which we can utilize to work on stuffs we value.

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