"Aghori Baba" - 610 × 1370 in Lessons From Aghori Baba (Why It’s Dangerous To Know Your Future)

Aghori Baba

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  1. So, according to the baba, Aghoris “don’t care about anything.” I get that part entirely — eating shit and dead bodies, yeah, I actually understand that. I wouldn’t do it, but I understand their position. However, one question: if they are dispassionate toward everything, why does this one give a fuck if you take a photo of him? I’m calling bullshit on this guy. If he doesn’t care about anything, fine; that should include not caring whether or not one photographs him. And, you guys didn’t call him on it, and made it seem like some big fucking deal that he let you have a snap? Bullshit.

    • First of all, thank you for your comment.

      Yes, Aghoris don’t care about anything. So, according to you, if they don’t care about anything then why would they care about photographs? I get it.

      Actually, there’s this very big scam all fake aghoris do. There are many fake wanna-be aghoris in those areas. Those fake aghoris only care about money. So what they do is, they take photos with tourist or anyone who visits them and then they ask for money.

      They try and rob the tourist. And real aghori-baba’s like him doesn’t like it. He hates that fake aghoris make money by taking photographs. That’s a bad thing to do. So, he started going against photographs.

      He actually doesn’t care about that, but he wished to see people not robbed just for photographs. So, for us, photographing him was really a big deal.