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You can see the cave at top right. You can’t see in the picture until you climb these rock stairs.

We were off to Pashupati after exploring Boudha. We kept walking until we found the place for conducting cremation ceremonies. I went to explore those places with my brother Degju and his friend Carrie.We were walking around the place not knowing what to do next. We crossed the bridge and took steps to get to the top where we could overlook Pashupati.

While we were staying at the top overlooking the whole Pashupati and Cremation area; my eye caught a glimpse of a cave at northeast of Pashupati. Not being sure I thought of going there and asked my brother if he wants to go there too. He thought it would be cool if we could go.

This was the exact time when I saw the Cave. We were talking about death while overlooking Pashupati.

We were tired at that point and that place was located at far east of Pashupati which meant that we needed to go back, cross the bridge, walk and push ourselves till there. Since we thought of going there without much planning I pushed my whole body to get there because I was tired and hungry at the same time.

We wanted to go there but we were not sure if anyone is allowed to go inside and seemed pretty risky. Luckily, I met a random guy there and asked him if we were allowed to go to the top inside the Cave. Without thinking much he welcomed us inside to go to the top of the cave and told us that everyone is allowed to go there.

He said,”Please visit the cave, a baba lives there. You should check it out.”

Random guy inviting us to move upstairs.

I was so happy that we were allowed to explore the cave which is what I’ve never done before. We walked up slowly and saw a thick smoke coming out of the cave. There was a very small hole to enter the cave. It was not possible for us to enter easily. We had to bend our back to go inside. I couldn’t see anything. It was really dark and smokey.
I was afraid that I would fall off because I couldn’t see anything in there.

We then heard a voice of the baba. He told us to sit down. We sat down and then I started to figure out slowly that the cave was not that big. I thought it to be really big but it was cool. He kept a black Tika in our head and then started talking.

He told us that he has lived there for fifteen years and has human skulls at his home.

Aghori Baba

I was constantly amazed at how peaceful the place was. It’s peaceful even if it’s located in the middle of the city and you can even hear the river flowing in the background.

We asked him,”What kind of baba are you?”

He replied,”Aghori baba, People call me Aghori baba. Do you know what it means?”

We said, “No.”

He then said, “It means that I don’t care about anything. Aghories usually don’t get hungry. I never eat salt and flour. Other than that, I eat everything and anything. I have ate Human Flesh, Urine and Stool to become aghori.”

We were shocked by his response, “WHAT!?”

He ate Human Flesh, Urine and Stool for becoming Aghori!

He seemed to practice cannibalism, urophagia and corprophagy. All of those which relate to human flesh, urine and feces.

For no reason I was scared at that point. Maybe because I hadn’t seen anyone like him before. Weird stuffs filled my mind and the cave started to look dangerous. My mind was blank. I didn’t speak anything because I couldn’t. I was surprised, excited and scared at the same time. Scared because I had previously heard dangerous stories about Aghori baba’s. He had his one black eye glowing at dark because there was virtually no source of light inside the cave. Only smoke!

After spending some time he asked us if there was anything we would like to ask him. He was very happy and he knew that we had some questions in mind.

So without thinking much I asked him,”People believe that you know the future. Is it true? Can you tell us too?”

He smiled and laughed at the same time and said,”It’s useless! Don’t ask for future, You Got To Make It! People ask me how long will they live, and if I say it then they start counting the days. So they die psychologically and never live happily. That’s why fortune telling is really dangerous. Don’t try and ask anybody. You are going to die one day so don’t think about that. Instead, Create your own future.”

He started talking in a friendly manner so we asked him some questions about his life.
He said he was a continental cook when he was really young and was third son among five brothers.

What baffled me was that he looked really healthy even though he didn’t eat normal food.
He even showed us his exercise routines inside the cave and his healthy sitting positions. He also said that thunderbolt sitting position is really good for health and Carrie’s thunderbolt position was perfect as she was sitting in that posture the whole time.

After spending sometime he told us about the day when he nearly threw away the camera reels because some tourists tried to capture his picture. He said that he hated photos very much.
I wanted a photo with him really bad at this moment just because he didn’t like taking photos. so I asked him if we could take his picture. Surprisingly, he agreed for a photo.

I wanted to take a photo with him as soon as he said he hates pictures. This was it. There was no light source except for a small candle. So, this photo was only possible with In-built camera flash. If you look closely you’ll figure out that he has one eye dark black compared to the other.

After that he took us down out of the cave and showed us all the locked cave which looked even more dangerous. He started walking to his own path and we left the place thinking about the most thrilling and exciting experience that we had in such a short period of time.


It took me lots of time to write this post because I’ve switched my keyboard layout to DVORAK.

Edit: The Baba who lives there is known as Tiger Baba. He and his friends are very welcoming and will be more than happy to talk with you and answer your questions. You might not find him completely dangerous, since everything I’ve written above was my own experience – mostly psychological.

They are really good people and will be more than happy to meet you, if you visit them. If you haven’t, then you should definitely pay him a visit. I had a good experience and feel very lucky to meet him.

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  1. OMG!!!

    I felt like I was there the whole time, following your adventures. I had fun reading it.
    I feel like I want to go there but I’m too scared. Look at his eyes. Really scary!

    Glad you’re still alive. 😉

    This is epic. Simply awesome post! 🙂

    • I’ve read this article and find that there is a mis belief about aghories mostly associated with cannibalism. Well author of this article has visit the aghori at pashupati Nath in kathmandu and what i don’t find how did he understand the aghor and i want to sayy there is no need to fear with aghori if they are real aghori because in my experience with them but if you find aghori like beating ,spelling foul word and doing unusual behaviour you have to check if he is showing this behaviour there must be some reson like , like he may don’t want to talk to you and easy means to get rid of people bye doing unsuall activites next thing that he may be not qualified person and by doing fearfual activities it help to maintain his ego or the person may have develped fraustraion , anxiety or the depression due to unclear path , unqualified guru a teacher , or person may be in confusion state . Real aghori don’t do any scary things because they believe they are perfect on self and when the person is complete himself no need to harm any one , it’s true they try to be alone most of the time so that they wont be followed by the people which help in their spritiual practice .
      Aghori baba/sadhu(saint) are those people who follow the path of aghor . Aghor is words derived form the ancient literature of sanskrit which mean simple to the simple and the complex to the complex means they are doing spiritual practice in very simple way to understand the secrete of knowledge that is everywhere in this universe .

      if you like to understand and go through aghor path you can visit to Nepal but i would like to remind dont go to the baba with begar attitude ( to solve your personal problem like love problem , relationship problem , financial problem , controlling other ) because they have left their home , living on very difficulties situation , doing fasting not to solve your day to day life situation problem . They are sacrificing their life for helping the human kind like to get rid from the pain and showing the ultimate path of wisdom , love and compassion and the truth which you not want to see . At the whole world is after sex and understand it’s only the pleasure and can achieved power and money but forgetting the ultimate pleasure . so time has comes to think and move to the ultimate pleasure , peace and love .

  2. First of all that man looks really scary. How did you even get near him? I’ve heard many scary stories about aghori baba’s. I wouldn’t have gone there if I were you. That’s really scary!

    Anyway, he has passed the wisdom to you, wonderfully. It’s true that people die psychologically after they hear about their life span. Everyone dies so that’s not the thing we should search answers for.

    Great Post! Loved it 🙂

    • This seems to work fine. Thanks for helping 🙂
      Your the first one in this site to comment through Facebook.

      And as a follow up: If you get notification on Facebook after I write this then please drop some words below on reply.
      Thanks man!

      • Hi nice post… If you see any agoris like anymore, pls ask these questions.
        1. Why god allow people to do sins. Before giving punishment he can give good heart and good thinking…

        2. Is it true that we are having many rebirths…

      • They eat such things to excel in black magic. They bow down before satan and can control spirits and do black magic. Its really weird stuff and weird people. You cannot reach God by eating human flesh,drinking urine and stool. Yuck..eee..
        But I must say you have a brave heart

        • No… They worship Shiva… He is anything and everything for them…they don’t do any black magic if someone is doing he is fake one…i can tell you all they do for some siddis that’s all

        • Aghori can control or shut off their mind & senses (five senses), but not you! therefore you said Yuck..eee ..
          They were on top of one level in the direction of evolution, which aims to free him selves to achieve higher planets.
          you always controlled by your own mind, without being able to control it willmake you suffer and always obey all of your desires, that comes from the mind., if do not get whatever you want, you will be disappointed. deceived by your own mind
          That\’s my understanding

  3. Hi please tell me where you met him. I am in Varanasi right now and I want to create a documentary about this Aghori. So please send me the way to meet them. It might be very helpful for me my email id is Please send me the way to meet them I hope I will get a reply for my comment.

    You’re really a lucky man to have such experience. I am very proud of you, my bro.

  4. Great story Manish – enjoyed it. What was the reason behind his eating human flesh, etc. (just wondering)? Compelled because he could not afford to buy real food?

    • Thanks Ta-ma for taking time to read this post.

      No, he was not compelled. But, I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer the question. It’s just like how people turn to Buddhism – they shave their heads and meditate. Buddhist are not compelled to do all that but they do in order to get peace of mind. Same way, this guy has some incentives behind it, but I don’t know what it is.

      Maybe Wikipedia can help:

      Thanks for the comment.

    • They eat because them did wamkriya. It is easiest method of real siddhi. They are two type of kriya to make siddhi one is Dakshin margi and second one is wam margi.
      Dakshinmargi takes long time but it has long effect and wammargi takes short time but it has short effect.

  5. I’ve been to the cave your talking about. I’ve taken darshan of baba who lives there. His name is Tiger.

    I’ve been to all the caves at Pashaupatinath & met with all the Aghori babas who live there. They are the nicest people I’ve ever met. The thing is, they are so used to everyone being afraid of them and misunderstanding them (locals and tourists alike), that when someone comes along who’s not afraid and genuinely interested they are most happy and surprised.

    They will be happy to talk for hours and answer any questions you might have. You really had a rare opportunity here to talk to a real live Aghori and Nath Siddha & you couldn’t think of anything to ask about? You didn’t want to know why he would eat human flesh or excrement?

    There is a reason why they do the things they do. There path is only for the most fearless and dedicated tantrik sadhakas. It is the fast and dangerous route. They emulate Shiva in his wrathful manifestation as Bhairava – who cut off one of Brahma’s heads and was forced to roam about on the outskirts of society sleeping in the cremation ground & carrying the decapitated skull for 12 years.

    If you are still in KTM go back and ask him what the esoteric significance of Shiva’s Brahmanacidal act – that would be an interesting question..

    • Hi Josh.

      I’ve been to the cave your talking about. I’ve taken darshan of baba who lives there. His name is Tiger.

      He did tell us that he was known as Tiger.

      I’ve been to all the caves at Pashaupatinath & met with all the Aghori babas who live there.

      I was not aware that there were other Aghori babas in pashupatinath too. How many are there, as far as you know? Where are other caves?

      They are the nicest people I’ve ever met. The thing is, they are so used to everyone being afraid of them and misunderstanding them (locals and tourists alike), that when someone comes along who’s not afraid and genuinely interested they are most happy and surprised.

      Yes, that’s true. They were all very welcoming and the environment was really awesome. He wasn’t that scary but in the beginning we were scared because we hadn’t met anyone like him.

      They will be happy to talk for hours and answer any questions you might have.

      He was very happy that we were there and he answer all the questions we had. Did you talk with him in Nepali? Because he didn’t speak English with us, and said he felt comfortable talking in Nepali.

      You really had a rare opportunity here to talk to a real live Aghori and Nath Siddha & you couldn’t think of anything to ask about? You didn’t want to know why he would eat human flesh or excrement?

      We weren’t really prepared to ask questions. Everything came out of our mind after we left the cave. We didn’t knew we were going there in the first place. But, we did ask him some questions like what did you do and other stuffs like that.
      He said he was a continental cook and he has skull in his home. He showed us some good sitting postures. We spent quality time with him and it was really very fun, but we were blank on questions.

      There is a reason why they do the things they do. There path is only for the most fearless and dedicated tantrik sadhakas. It is the fast and dangerous route. They emulate Shiva in his wrathful manifestation as Bhairava – who cut off one of Brahma’s heads and was forced to roam about on the outskirts of society sleeping in the cremation ground & carrying the decapitated skull for 12 years.

      Thanks for all the info. I was wondering about it for a long time.

      If you are still in KTM go back and ask him what the esoteric significance of Shiva’s Brahmanacidal act – that would be an interesting question..

      He told us to come back to him, and if possible, he asked us to print his photograph. Should consider going there and other caves again.

      Cheers for the comment, Josh.

  6. hey, I read your post and I must say, Its an eye-opener.. I came across some aghoris when I was in kedarnath 2 years back, but back then I was really scared of them. This was a good read, thanks 🙂

  7. Adventure reading. Adventure of life. And Adventure of Philosophy to digging to life. You got a sense into life deeply.

    Have been reading your articles the whole morning and it’s already late noon, finally subscribing via email.

    • Thank you very much!

      “Have been reading your articles the whole morning and it’s already late noon, finally subscribing via email.”
      Those words from you, means a lot to me.

      Thank you for taking time to read my blog posts.

      Happy reading.

      • Yup, I’ve been been blogging since 2002 (here and forth w/ research and pun). Sadly we don’t have great praises, as much hype is promoted in our places.

  8. Dude, it was your epic adventure but, dude, never every go over there again. They are the followers of Siva [Shiva] his avatar of Kal Bhirava a God related to all dark powers. You went there for some discovery but those people are real bad. They can control your soul and it’s true.

    They follow rigved the agni hyms. If u hear it, you’ll also get the effects of it. Aghori mostly reside in Kashi only, because in Kashi half burned human bodies are left in river. These people used those body to complete their rituals. In this ritual, soul of the human being in that body that captured by them.
    These people doesn’t get salvation because who every read vedas will not get salvation. Our souls gets attached to the Material life .

    And I’m not an old man, just a teenager. I’m just a शैव पंथ

    • Hello Jai,

      Aghori’s don’t have the power to control the soul. They are normal Human beings, the teachings make them look weird. I met a gang of Aghori’s in Gokarna I stayed with them for 11 days. I wanted to follow their culture but it is very difficult for a ordinary people like us to follow them. Their mindset is all that they are “GOD” if you believe them they are not harm to us. If you talk or go against them they are very dangerous. Just have faith in them and then go visit any Aghori. They will welcome you with a smile ::-)

    • If you don’t reside in Kathmandu then you need to travel Kathmandu. Visiting Pashupati is easy once you reach Kathmandu.

      Once you’re in Pashupati, follow the river banks in cremation place. There’s a big line of cremation conducting place. Just keep following that line and you’ll reach a cave.

      Since lots of people are asking the same question, I’ll probably write a follow up post on how to get there.

    • Did you mean how to we reach that place from Pashupati? or where Pashupati is located?

      If you meant the latter then it’s located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

      After you reach Pashupati, it’s easy to find that place. You just follow the river banks and cremation place until you see some type of cave.

      • Hi Manish, I’m still waiting for your reply. Kindly answer my queries on Aghories.
        Are they safe to approach? Do they have healing powers? Can they heal any kind of illness?

        • Hi, Sorry for the late response.

          I have only met this Aghori from Pashupati, so I can’t say it for sure if all other Aghori’s are safe to approach or not. This Aghori from Pashupati was really friendly and safe to approach. He was happy that we were there.

          Since, I only met him and talked about some stuff, I don’t know if they have healing powers or not. Maybe they have some powers but I don’t know if they can heal illness or not. However, I’ve heard that they do have some powers.

          I remembered an incident from that day – which I forgot to mention on the post. He kept a kind of tika and did something in my throat and told me to not keep Sworaswoti’s (the goddess of wisdom) tika or something like that in there.

  9. Hi Manish,
    Interesting article. I want to meet a true Aghori. Are they safe to approach? I’m in trouble and I really need help.

    Can u tell me where exactly is this Pashupati? Which state? Is it true that they can control our soul?

    I want to meet an Aghori because my kid is born with Microtia(ear deformitie). Is it must that I need to take my kid also? Please reply. I need all the info quite badly.

    • Hi Geeta,
      Thanks for your feedback on article.

      The Aghori from Pashupati was safe to approach and friendly, but I can’t give you advice on other Aghori’s because I’ve only met one Aghori.

      This Pashupati is located at the banks of river Bagmati in Kathmandu, Nepal. After you visit Kathmandu, it isn’t that far.
      Pashupatinath on Google Maps
      I’ll probably write a post on how to get there since everybody is asking the same question.
      For more info you can google. There are lots of resources there.

      I don’t think they can control soul. But again, my assumption is only based on this particular Aghori I’ve met. So, I can’t say if every Aghori is like that.

      If you want to pay Aghori baba a visit for your kid, then I think it’s better that you also take your kid.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply Manish. It means a lot. I really admire your honesty. You answered straight to the point without creating hype over the fact that you met Aghori and you know everything about them.

        Actually I’m from India, so could not figure out where Pashupati is located. So I guess I cannot travel all the way to Nepal. Hope I find one true aghori in India itself.

        Do keep posting info about Aghories in case you get any updates. Would like to read them.

        Once again, thanks a lot. Your info was truly useful.

        • Hi Geetha, If you like to meet real Aghori’s please visit kashi. That is the place you can meet all type of Aghori people. They have their own community you can talk to them, they will respond to you nicely.

          • Hi Samuel,
            Amy here I am a resident of delhi…I am really eager to know about aghoris …went to varanasi and kolkata also..but could not meet….if you can guide me with real tantra and aghori’s
            Please reply me.

          • Helo Aryan sir.

            Can you pl share your number to contact on 9886680226. Need help for marriage of 11 yrs not doing well
            I met few Agors in Ujjain but only demanded money
            I am unaware if tgey really had powers to help common people like me
            Please help sir


  10. Thank you especially for mentioning the Vajrasan (thunderbolt position) bit. I have been too fixated on Padmasan (Lotus position) and totally forgot about trying Vajrasan for my meditations.

  11. It is good to see Aghori Baba. Really, you are a lucky person but him what is kirya yoga and how we can see god with thanks.

    • Aghori are the people who will do sadhanas for super natural powers and want to know the secrets of universe pray to lord Shiva and Sri Sadguru Dattareya even this gods are called Aghori.
      Coming to yoga, there are 8 types of yoga to learn. Among them, 4 are practiced by common people who take food and remaining they are short form to gain Siddi in 3 or 4 years by Aghori who take juice of roots and practice 64 asanas.

      I had a guru if you want to know anything about Aghori sadhana i can explain what is kula and how to gain supreme power that which Aghori are trying to get.

      • hii… sri datta…
        i m vikas from punjab… if u know any aghories plz tell me address of them because i have a love problem and i want to solve it otherwise i will be committee suicide… i m in so trouble plz tell me.. i will be very thankful to you…

        • Hi Vikas,

          I met this Aghori while I was traveling in Pashupatinath, back in 2012. It’s already been 3 years since that day. So, I don’t know any Aghori’s as of now.

          With that said, please don’t think of committing suicide over some problems you are facing in life. We all face problems, and it will pass soon.

          Think of all those disabled people in this world who don’t have hands, legs or eyes to see. They would give everything in their world to get back to being normal. Now look at you. You are normal and have everything you would possibly need to experience this wonderful world. But you think of killing yourself. Not so smart, I’d say.

        • well as a lady i can say that to explore agorism or to do some sadhna on aghorpanth its quit simple but to much hardwork and concentration needed for that as i mate some aghoris in nepal got so many things to know and in varanasi,haridwar same things well you can write me for what i know about all that mail down me on


  12. Excellent posting dude.. It was interesting I have a story when I met these Aghori’s in Gokarna. I will post it here when ever I am free.


  13. Dear friend Manish,


    I loved your style of narrating the adventure experiences with the aghori tiger baba of pashupatinath..recently, I finished reading ‘Living with Himalayan Masters’ by Swami Rama..I was time travelling during reading that book and i felt almost same here..thank you buddy..i would definitely visit these places in near future with my equal minded fellowbeings/folks..god bless you..Aum Namah Shivaya..

  14. First of all, thanks for sharing all this. It will probably help other people who want more info on this.

    However, did you write all this or copied it from somewhere? If copied, I’d rather share the link instead of writing everything here in the comment itself.

  15. I didn’t know that there are Aghori babas in Kathmandu. I will love to meet him when i visite next time. Thank you for sharing these wonderful experiences.

  16. Aghora means that is not ghora that means not terrible or dread or opposite of it.
    But these guys with ignorance practice terrible and dreaded things to frighten and terrorize people and call themselves as aghoris.

  17. Hey, I really want to know the exact location. Suppose I am in opposite of Bhasmeshwor ghat as in picture.. where should i look for him?

    • You need to look at the right side first. There, you’ll see a cave. If you don’t see, just walk to the right side, and search for Tiger baba. He’s very famous there and you’ll be able to meet easily. I’m not sure if he’s there right now or not, because this post is about 3 year old.

  18. I m just speechless…… While reading this post i was so excited to be there at the same moment…..but i was scared too….. hats off to you for showing such a courage man. I too wish to be there sometime.

  19. Soory dude that was not aghorii ..he was in his tantra sadhna , but what hve u written is good but there are so many things u need to knw that …
    If u would like to find the adequate one then u have to do some thing that is weird like
    1. love to have blood of others as staple .
    2. Worship lord shiva like as u are gann of shiva .
    3. Be fearless .
    4. Need to create black Aura .
    5. Like your dislike and make that things up to your stength .
    6. Prepare your ajna chakra .
    7. Concentration should be there with the lots of distraction .
    8. Live naturally nature like urine stool dead human fleah nature .be naked at night or while worshiping .
    Beacuse when u able to do this calmly go to kheerganga or jungle of casol or u can go to kaling that is in himachal pradesh .u will find the approriate one .Then u will realize what is the meaning of aghorii .
    I need to explain lot of things …that are very complicated .
    Aghori will not sit with normal human beings .they will select the particular one to sit with and to talk with .

  20. Nice article. quiet intresting. well i also visited some aghories and really intresting experiences after all its quit amazing and adventirous to meet such kind of people your are very lucky friend really they have healing powers.

  21. nice story dude and personally i believed all that because i also visited alots to aghoris in india to explore things and after spenting 2 yrs of my life in exploring knowledge i also learnt alots of things and siddhis really once i was also shocked when i saw a lady who was infertile but wid blessings of aghoras and little sadhna she became mother of cute baby nice helping truth thanks dude to explore more one can write me on

  22. Hiii Manish
    I’m happy to read your post. really it’s so fantastic time you have enjoyed …plz send me photos of agori baba and that place

  23. Hi

    Interesting article and more so as i have just finished the trilogy on Aghora by Robert Edwin Svoboda. What a read! Absolutely riveting, frightening and engulfing. It will definitely expand your mind and give you a better understanding of Aghora or Aghoris.

    After reading your article I am hopeful that there maybe a few ‘True’ Aghoras still living amongst us.

  24. Hello there.

    I am a 22 years old Czech (European) and I intend to go to India for spiritual practice and guidance soon, possibly becoming a sadhu, or maybe taking on a Buddhist teacher in Himachal Pradesh. I intend to go soon, right now I am looking for the best way to handle visa issues for a long term stay without possessions. So far it seems that the best way may in the end be to come on a tourist visa and then simply stay illegally. Although I would like to avoid that, I can hardly imagine carrying around my passport and visa as a sadhu, and having to cross border to Nepal every 6 months, having to get Nepalese transit visa and then Indian visa again and return. 🙂

    Recently I am doing internet research on Aghori sadhus, and I find them quite fascinating. For one, to a certain extent I understand their approach, since such acts must truly test detachment from outer circumstances. On the other hand, I must say that I find certain things extremely disgusting, especially eating rotten food, feces and urine. Fascinating and interesting nevertheless. 🙂

  25. Manish I want to meet, can u tell me the route of that cave. And….. do u really think he has some supernatural power. Can u tell me something else…… I mean something which you forget to write in your article. And why he kept a black tika on ur head? etc etc

    • Hello Deep,

      I’ve written about the route to that cave in this comment.

      I’m not sure about supernatural power. He just seemed like a normal human being, who recognises himself as an Aghori baba.

      You remind me about the black tika. I don’t remember completely, but I think he asked to not wear any tika of some goddesses after we wore that tika. He also touched our neck/throat with his hand while he had that tika.

      I don’t understand it completely. I wish I knew properly. I wanna know too.

  26. Hi Manish when I started reading about ur experience it was really tuched and I love it even am also ready to meet aghori baba once in my life to take blessings dear friends if someone planed to meet babas don’t forget to contact my mobile number 9886235883

  27. Where was this guy at? Also, even though you have to make your future, if you’ve done the right way, you can see, know, feel it, and still it can come the way that you want to make it come. He practices aghori, but I used to also practice tantra, utilizing my own mantras and believe me, I’ve seen where discrepancies are, I’ve seen where one thing was suppose to happen, I’ve seen where you can make something change so that you can create a more favorable outcome for yourself, and not lacking any form of spirituality, I’ve done it. Aim Durga Namaha was a mantra that I practiced, utilizing yantra triangle. It can work – he partially speaks true when he says that people count on it – if I told you that you were going to die tomorrow though, you could ask “As a result of what?” and change it, assuming you remember what he said.

    I promise you, I’ve done it, though its tough to prove, and I don’t practice anymore, I can still remember times where I could change disfavorable outcomes to favorable one.

    I’d love to meet this aghori. Did he say if he practiced any puja or anything? I don’t know how to spell the name, but in a (I think) Discovery channel documentary on (forget how to spell the name) Jamorgi Baba, they talked about Sharif Puja, where they go to an island in Varanasi (or something like that) in the middle of Ganga, where the spirits dwell and live, and practice the puja of eating the human flesh, sacrificing a hen, dog, and eating their own stool and piss. I know you already talked about him doing all those things except for sacrificing the aforesaid animals, but did he mention the name of the puja?
    has no english subtitles

    heres a portion with the english subtitles

    and the behind the scenes – very good and funny

    Best way to show, other than eating stool, what kind of puja they do, but I guess if you were anywhere near Varanasi, you already saw it LOL

    thanks for the read man, it was fun!!!


    My name is Sanjay, I’d love to talk more about your experiences and maybe get to know more about you as well as what you have done and what you do, seems like you have an amazing time discovering these things!!!

    Peace and have fun bro, be safe next time you go to Aghoris!

    • Hi Sanjay,

      My name is Amy…I am from Delhi,,You have so much knowledge about mantra and tantras..
      Can I have your phone number please…

      Waiting for your reply

    • Hey Mr sanjoy, I am from London. .I actually terribly attacked by demon since 7 years in London. Demon have controlled by one of family in London. They forcing me by demon with proof. .I seen too many healer but nobody abled to cure or remove it. .can you give advice on thanks

  28. Hi Manish,

    interesting article!! i too love adventures, but as a girl im not allowed.. wish i could meet aghoris before i die..

  29. Hi Manish when I started reading about ur experience it was really tuched and I love it even am also ready to meet aghori baba once in my life to take blessings dear friends if someone planed to meet babas don’t forget to let me know.

  30. Beyond our expectations, the ascetics have very many different ways, differing from the common man!

  31. Hay Manish,
    That must have been a really great experience. Keep it up man. Life is all about exploring and the worst part is its too short to explore the world.

  32. Mostly people said aghoris are danger persons.Because remainig alone and no attachment with society. They are helpful to solve genral problem in human life.

      • Hi Manish!
        My self kshitija kadu. I want to meet these aghori baba. Because i am suffering from aghori tantra vidya doing by uttar pradesh bhaiya ajay gupta and family.who r from jonpur, jaha samshanome aghori ki jati hai. It is famous over there. They r using us for sex by this aghori mantra tantra. They r saying that”is duniya ki saari aurate hamare vaparneki cheej hai”. Ye aghori acche nahi hai.everyonce mentality is different. They want kill me. Becs. Mujhe bachpanme inke bareme bhagwanane sapne dikhaye jo satya ho rahe hai. Jisme inke death ke liye mujhase kaha tha. Becs. Ye log yane gupta family hum sabke liye dangerous hai. Yo log chori karte hai, logonko bebajaha sucide karnepe majbur karte hai aur fir unki masum atma ka khudke swarth ke liye istemal karte hai. Do you have any hotel no. From pashupati? So that i can ask them still these aghori baba r there or not. I really need their help. Pls. Me. Thank you.

  33. Hi Manish,

    Great, U met an AGORI whome the world thinks are filthy people. Personally I think the treatment of so my diseases lies within the secret life of an AGORI…..

  34. Really appreciate your guts in exploring the cave Manish.
    I really love the experience you have.
    Waiting for mine to happen in a random way..

    Keep Rocking..!!!

  35. Hi Manish,
    Nice post! I was in Nepal in 2007 and have also met him and been in his cave . Similar experience as you had, didn’t know if I should go in there, since there were only men around, but it was a nice encounter. I was not looking for him, didn’t know anything about him, but I was not so keen of all the ‘fake’ saddhu’s roaming around the tourists and asking for money. Then some men came up to me and led me to Tiger Baba.
    I guess I must have some photographs from him.
    P.S. will be back in KTM later this year. Might visit Pashupatinath again.

  36. interesting storie
    i want to meet real agora\’s
    i\’m living in hyderabad
    i don\’t know hindi & english,i know teligu only
    i have lot of health problems is there,how to meet agoras,
    i want to meet agoras
    plz help me

  37. Hi manish,

    just want to tell you that you destiny took you there for all the people who believed in faith.

    I read you article about 2 years ago and i liked it for its simplicity and honesty.

    since few days again the thought of memory lane got back to it again, so i searched it with few key words and after a few hick-ups.. just as i was about to give up to find this article it showed up and i read it again.

    Just wanted to tell you please do keep up the good work.

    cheers… smile…

    aradhana singh.

  38. The aghori baba, cannibal form of lord shiva are the devotee of Lord Siva’s extreme manifestation. The one who meet them can feel free to talk them and ask any queries.
    The Tiger Baba at Pashupatinath is believed as an enlightened holy man. Anyone who is interested to meet him at pashupatinath temple can email me at
    I work at the temple as local tourist guide.

  39. I am an american who is currently traveling the path that leads to Aghori. This is what i will be. Most people only see the rituals and it scares and repulses them. Not all Aghoris do such rituals. But ALL Aghoris do have knowledge of the unknown and unseen. Since traveling this path i have had waking dreams of a great many things regarding life, the universe, God. If you can be open and look past the skulls and ash you will see the most caring, loving, compassionate people. Bodhisattvas the Buddhists say. Aum Namah Shivaya. Chant it, and make your life sublime.

  40. After reading this article , i was surprised . I get interest in becoming aghori . I can’t eat human flesh or something like that . You should have the reason to meet aghori , instead of this , you should live a normal life.


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