Journal About Our Recent Trip To ‘Jamacho Gumba’

I have been actively adding photos on my VSCO account. The more I use VSCO, the more I love it.

I love posting photos on VSCO. When I have lots of photos of the same event, I consider posting it on my Journals. In the same way, I posted journal about our recent trip to 'Jamacho Gumba.'

A Day in Bhaktapur During Dashain 2015

I had been editing this video since I recorded it. But for some reason I was not able to complete editing it. Yesterday, I worked on it and then uploaded it on YouTube.

I'm not completely happy with the video. But if I try to make it perfect, then I know I'll never release it. That's the biggest problem I face all the time. I try and make something perfect, and never work on it.

Instead of doing that, it's way better to work on it and ship it as you complete editing.

There are different techniques I wish I used while making the video. I've found many mistakes. But I think of them as happy mistakes.

Next time, my video will improve because I'll start to make less mistakes. The more and more video I make, the better I will become.

I uploaded the video, and thought of naming it, "A day in Bhaktapur during Dashain 2015." I mostly find it difficult to name my files or videos.

I hope you'll enjoy the video. 🙂

Lessons From Aghori Baba (Why It’s Dangerous To Know Your Future)

[caption id="attachment_1048" align="aligncenter" width="700"] You can see the cave at top right. You can't see in the picture until you climb these rock stairs.[/caption] We were off to Pashupati after exploring Boudha. We kept walking until we found the place for conducting cremation ceremonies. I went to explore those places with my brother Degju and…