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Not Waiting for the Perfect Condition

Reflection in the Rain
You build habit by doing something constantly, but if you bring in any factor to stop the consistency, then you’ll never be able to create a habit. I have been using weather as a factor to stop me from doing my work. If it’s stormy, I wouldn’t go out and run even if I have the goal to run.

I have been keeping weather on top of my hierarchy table every time.

Weather was on top of my hierarchy table, which means it had the power to stop me from doing anything.

If it rains, I won’t go out to run. If the day is sunny, I feel good. If it’s cloudy, I cancel my appointments.

If there’s anything I got by doing that, it’s that I’ve been very inconsistent with my goals.

If I want to stay fit and run in the morning but it’s stormy, then I just don’t run because of the weather condition.

After you don’t do your work or be consistent on your goal for a day, then you don’t feel like doing it the next day because you break your chain. There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at your calendar and figuring out you carried your goal everyday.

When I keep working regardless of the weather condition, I keep moving forward closer to my goals. That’s one step up the ladder in building habits. If you keep waiting for the perfect condition, you’ll not get anything done. Even if you do, you lose the momentum with time.

I didn’t have the habit of brushing my teeth at night. I wanted to create that habit but I couldn’t. I failed every time.

But now, I don’t even miss a single day. When I look back to figure out what went wrong before, it was the factor of sickness I brought to stop doing it. I used to get sick very often, so I wouldn’t brush my teeth at night because I wasn’t feeling well. It would be too hard for me to get out of my bed.

However, now I have been carrying out my work even if I don’t feel well. By doing so, I’m making it easier for me to carry out my habit when I’m in good shape. If you do something when you don’t feel like doing, then you can easily do it when you are feeling well.

It’s very hard to do something when you are sick or when you don’t feel like doing, but that’s the base. That’s the pain period. If you can go through the pain period, then you’ll start to feel easier later.

I don’t miss brushing my teeth at night for even a single day now. It’s because I carried out that habit even when I wasn’t feeling well, or sick at bed.

In the same way, I’ve come closer to stop using weather as an excuse to stop following my goals; which has significantly helped me move closer to my habit goals.

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