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Life is a Big Joke: Laugh at It.

Apar Shrestha and Manish Suwal 'Enwil'

I used to have a friend who I lived with lavishly in my school days. When we were kid, we were richer than we are now. And we could afford anything we wanted back then. We used to travel the whole city, buy whatever we liked, eat whatever we wanted, and spend time spending all the money we had.

We usually met once a month during the last weekend of the month, when he was here. After that, when he left the city, we used to meet when he came here.

We were enjoying life like it was our last day on earth. Spending every dime on food, clothes, travel and doing other stuffs we liked.

We used to play bowling at 8 in the morning when the bowling place wasn’t even open. We used to somehow convince the guy in the bowling center that we won’t mess up the whole place. So, he used to let us play quietly. And we used to leave the place when it was about to open.

Did crazy stuffs the whole day. Used to go to restaurants in the morning and order cocktails. The reaction of the waiter used to be priceless.

The days were passing by and slowly, I started moving my way and he used to stay in another city from mine. So, we weren’t meeting that often.

He said he suffered and learned a lot while he was there. I did too.

He was the most intelligent bastard I’ve ever met. We did cool stuffs every time.

It had already been a year since I hadn’t met him. And I heard he was about to leave the country. So, I met him for the last time few days ago. And I couldn’t be any happier. I was filled with joy and excitement when I met him. We talked and reflected our past for sometime. Then we talked about our personal philosophy and life.

He had accumulated lots of knowledge about the way of life, as I said, he’s the most intelligent bastard I’ve met till date. He talked about his philosophy and it was really interesting.

However, you might not agree with all the stuff we talked about that I’ll write below. And you shouldn’t too.

Everything that I’ve written below is what we’ve learned till date and we are aware that we have long way to go. All these writings and thoughts may be irrelevant with time.

I’m usually not comfortable writing these types of stuffs, but it gets easier when I know you’ll disagree before hand and that I’ll offend you. So, yes, Fuck you.

Now that I’ve said that, it’ll be easier for me to write.

This bastard gave me more lessons than any book ever gave me in less than an hour of meeting. I had never talked this long to anybody solely about philosophy.

It’s impossible to write everything we talked about. However, I’ll try and write everything I remember.

 Always keep low expectations, they are easier to fulfill:

We are always unhappy because we cannot fulfill all of our expectations. Our brain is designed to keep high expectation of everything we are trying to achieve. It’s because everyone of us wants to achieve big and when we want to achieve big, our expectations are automatically high.

We want to achieve lots of stuffs in our lifetime and the sad thing is that we have high expectations for all of those stuffs.

So, when we can’t fulfill them we are always sad. Even if we fulfill our high expectation we won’t be very happy because that was expected by us. We experience happiness and joy when we achieve something which we didn’t even expect.

There’s no point in keeping high expectation or expectation itself. Not keeping any expectation is the wisest thing to do.

However, if you have to keep any expectations, keep it low. That way, you will always be happy regardless of the outcome.

Don’t get attached to anyone very quickly. Attachment leads to expectation and expectation always hurts in the end.

Never ever expect anything from anyone. If you ever find yourself expecting anything from anyone, know that you’re fucked. 😀

Human beings creates stuff for their convenience which later controls them:

Bulls eye! That’s the reason why human beings will never progress. We create expectation and it later controls our happiness. We create technology and it controls us. Human beings created religion, now it controls them. Advancement in science has made it easier for us to create bomb and other destructive stuffs which destroys our own race. The list goes on and on.

Always keep in mind about the technology and stuffs which are controlling us. Don’t watch TV or surf Internet mindlessly. It does more harm than good. At the beginning, it looks like you’re learning lots of valuable stuffs. But in the end, you’re just wasting your time.

Humanity is always important than religion. If you kill human beings for religion then you’re stupid.

Don’t let anything control you. Always be aware of that. If you’re unhappy in your life, be aware of this phenomenon and you might just figure it out. We are unhappy and we have lots of problem when something else controls us.

Just learning will do nothing, People need to experience it:

I asked my friend to write all these stuffs himself, or better, write a book. But he refused without even entertaining that thought in mind. I asked why, and he said that there’s no point in writing. There are billions of resources and information books in this planet but one cannot grow simply by reading it. They need to experience it.

Experiencing is the only way you can learn. Of course, learning helps. But we need to experience it in real life to get better. You can’t learn how to ride a bike by reading a book or manual. You need to ride it yourself to learn how to ride.

Life is same. You can’t learn how to live a life or what is life by just reading a book. It does help us and give us perspective to think. But we need to live it ourselves to learn it. Reading book is to keep yourself in track. To see if you are in the right track or not.

We learned for more than 15 years straight, learned stuffs from philosophy to science to everything we needed to. But those stuffs didn’t help us figure out what life was. We had to experience it to figure it out. We still have a long way to go.

It’s always good to think in the surface level. 

Always think on the surface level. Never try and go deep down, because going deep down will bring problems, illusion & conflict within yourself and the world.

For example: Every religion is good and has good teachings on surface level. But if you go deep below and try to dig it then every religion is horrible.

A person might, for example, go to temple to worship god and keep his faith alive to see and make this world a better place, but he refuses to give any money to the beggar asking for help outside the temple.

Of course, everybody won’t do that.

But the point here is that if we try to dig deep we will eventually start to see conflict between good stuffs and practices. Which is a call for disaster.

Here’s list of some other advice he talked about.

  • People will never understand wise words, unless they experience the situation themselves.
  • Half of the people in this world doesn’t care about the information and wise knowledge that’s there. And the other half thinks they know everything, but knows nothing, and creates false ideologies and teachings.
  • Most of the time we know the stuffs we can do in order to stop bad things from happening before hand. But, we simply can’t do it. And after we get the bad outcome, we get angry and frustrated at the same time. So, if there’s one thing you want to learn then learn how to work on stuffs which will help you stop bad stuffs from happening.
  • The biggest tragedy of life is when we know how to make our life better and all the ways to bring that outcome, but can’t apply that wisdom to real life.
  • Society is useless when we need, and when we don’t need it, it’s useless.
  • Don’t let your mind control you. It’ll eventually lead to depression.

Whatever happens, we both still have a long way to go, and lots of stuffs to learn.

To put it simply: Your main goal in life should be to be happy at your deathbed. 

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  1. These sayings are spread all over the internet. Its easier to say, difficult to implement. To understand the essence of anything,Its important to go deeper. Only going to surface level would not suffice. By going deeper, your understanding increases,confusion decreases.
    Life is not a joke. Its serious business until you realise what life really is..
    Anyways..but a good article.


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