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Figuring Out The Perfect Reading Workflow

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I have been reading lots of books. I had planned to read a book every week about a year ago, but I failed at it. So I never pushed myself hard to read books. I can, of course but I won’t be able to work on my projects.

This month, I should be focusing on programming. Instead, I’m reading lots of books. Programming is difficult compared to reading, so I choose the latter. It’s a clever dimension of procrastination. I’ve read somewhere that if you want to get a work done, bring in even difficult work. That way, you’ll procrastinate on the difficult work and get your work done.

I think that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m keeping off programming and instead reading books. Anyway, it’s a good situation for me. I’m at least reading.

I usually read a book, get inspired and forget about it. I read books to enjoy and not to learn the underlying principles of it. If I try and force myself to learn something from the book, I find it boring.

So, I’m thinking of reading books by highlighting and going through it after I’ve finished the book. Not only just highlighting and reading it at the end, but also reviewing it on my blog. If possible, on amazon. If I can do so, then I’ll learn something of value from every book I read.

While writing review, I should be honest. Most of the time, I just give 5 stars because it’s easy. However, from now, if I don’t like a book, I won’t give it 5 stars and also explain why I didn’t like the book. Also, what type of people would love reading the book, and what type of people will hate the book.

Short description of the book will probably help as well. I wish to track and make the list of books I’ve read. I tried doing it on my blog but it wasn’t practical because I tried writing long review/description for each.

Maybe I’ll use GoodReads or maybe I’ll not. But, I will track it somewhere.

This sums up my reading workflow pretty well: I’ll read a book, highlight it, re-read the highlights, review it on amazon (honest review), write a blog post about it, list and track it somewhere.

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