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Will Teachers be Replaced by Machines in the Future?

Rise of TechnologyScience has advanced to the great extent in this world. Students are increasing day by day because of population growth. More and more students are comfortable to learn using technology. I personally think that teachers will be replaced by machines in the near future.

First of all, computers are faster and they can take on more challenging tasks, such as interpreting camera footage. We now have technology that can watch video and begin to understand it. Voice processing is getting much better. It’s not 100%
accurate yet of course, but even humans sometimes have trouble understanding each other. It makes sense to me that as computers continue to get faster it will enable new applications we can’t do right now such as Artificial Intelligence. Even if we can’t do true machine based human level intelligence, the computers will be able to make decisions based on their inputs. The true goal of learning I think is to be able to take existing information and draw new conclusions from it. People talk about 21st century skills, but really this very old skill is all you need to succeed in our new knowledge based economy.

Secondly, the people in this world are very busy nowadays. There is a time constraint. We have to keep moving to classes if teachers teach but we get to learn from anywhere at anytime with the help of technology. We can manage time more easily. It saves a lot of time.

Finally, The way I see it what a students sees in school is other kids bullying them, not being able to learn what they want, being told “no” a whole lot more than being told “yes”, and learning that there is only one right answer. They are told to sit down, be quiet, listen, don’t ask too many questions we don’t have time. The idea of them learning morals from their teacher is appalling for me. I would much rather they learn morals from their parents. A school is an artificial environment which leaves many students with unrealistic expectations of how life really is. We can have human touch in many other places more comfortable than schools. Coffee shops, clubs, dancing halls, sports halls etc.

Well, two things may happen as a consequences of it. First, most teachers will work online developing creative lessons. Many teachers will only do it part time in addition to their regular (non teaching) job. The second effect on teachers is, because you can reach many more students online, you need a lot fewer teachers. The actual idea of having a career as a teacher in a classroom will be much less common. Everyone will be a teacher. Just think of the diversity! It will finally be possible to match the exact right lesson with the exact right student.

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