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December 1, 2014

Today is December 1, 2014. I just received a newsletter from Raam Dev on my inbox. It’s about his review of November.

What happened during November and all the posts related to it. He also mentions that he’ll share everything during the end of the month. Interesting links, articles and book snippets.

I figured that reviewing the past month and tracking helps a lot. I was thinking and looking for possible ways to review my month as well.

Going through the archives, I figured that I’m already doing it. On the first day of every month, I write what I want to achieve during the course of the month. Instead of reviewing the previous month, I’m looking ahead.

My main goal for November was to speak in WordCamp and prepare well for it. I spoke at WordCamp and it went well due to practice.

Actually, right now while I’m writing this post, I stopped and went back to read it. I figured out that I’ve accomplished my November mission. Well, I can’t say I’ve accomplished it 100% because I didn’t record videos everyday. I only started preparing before some days of WordCamp. Even though I prepared late, I presented pretty well.

Now, to look forward, I think I need to be serious. My biggest problem is energy level. I need to re-consider what food I put in my mouth and also not waste time on stupid mediocre stuff.

When I first started posting blog posts, I used to send out email newsletter automatically whenever I’d post a new blog post. But since it was automated, I thought of sending manual email newsletters so that I could connect better with my subscribers.

The biggest reason I’m not able to send out custom email newsletter is because I’m afraid that my subscribers will judge me based on my email updates. Not entirely judge, but I’m afraid that they’ll unsubscribe. I have lots of good stuff to offer, but I’m afraid that my mediocre posts will make them unsubscribe my blog and I won’t be able to make them aware of my new helpful blog posts.

So, my biggest goal for this month is to make decision on how to send out email newsletters to my subscribers. Should I send out once a month with archives of all the posts. Or should I send out the old way by automating. Or should I send out every week after I have written new posts. I need to decide on one and stick with it.

I also need to be serious on DevotePress now. I’m taking lots of screencasts. And I’ll continue doing so.

Working on WordPress themes should also be a priority. Not sure, but for now I’ll write here that I’ll use underscores starter theme and modify it’s CSS so that I can collaborate to create a premium theme.

It’s actually pretty late today. I’m writing this just because I don’t want to miss out on my monthly planner. If it wasn’t for this, I’d already be dozing off on my bed.

That’s it for today, let’s see how this month unfolds.

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