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Instead of Not Sharing Anything

It doesn’t matter how long your blog post is or how you write. All that matters is if your message went across people’s mind.

That’s how you change lives and eventually the whole world.

I always have problem sharing my thoughts online. What if my writing sucks? What if people won’t read it? What if people will make fun of me? What if my writing doesn’t matter?

Today morning I was going through tweets on my mobile phone. I stumbled across Raam Dev‘s tweet:

So, I clicked on it and read the Unfolded Note blog post, where he shares:

The Unfolded Note emails are never more than a few paragraphs, one or two hundred words at most. There’s no backstory, and often very little context. When I subscribed I knew nothing about Satya and yet each time I see that subject line,Unfolded Note: #300, I’m pulled inside, curious what tidbits of her life I will hear about next, what thoughts or insights or stories she might be sharing with me in this new email.

So I’m going to try something new. One hundred and fifty words. That will be my target. I have so much inside that I want to share, so many insights, so many thoughts, so many stories. My goal from now on will be to not concern myself with sharing everything, but rather to share enough to tell a story, enough to share a thought or an idea or an observation.

There is a reservoir of wisdom within all of us that must be shared to be realized.

I felt the same. I have so many things that I want to share, but I never write it. Some reasons why I don’t feel comfortable writing are:

Perfection: I want everything to be perfect. So, I try and make the blog post perfect. Perfection takes time. I write a draft and never publish it. When I see it after some weeks, I’ll forget what I wanted to share.

Fear: I fear that people will judge me through my writing. By writing all my thoughts online, I’m basically being more vulnerable to myself.

Bad Writing: I have a lot to improve in terms of writing. I make lots of mistakes, especially while writing quickly. So, I’m always proofreading. I spend more time proofreading than actually posting.

But these are just bland excuses which I wish to overcome by writing daily.

Every one needs to start somewhere. And I believe, this is where it’ll happen.

I’ll post blog posts as frequently as possible, even if it’s just some words. That’ll help me put out more of my wisdom to the world.

This is actually a rough post. I’m short on time and only had around 15 minutes spare time. I thought of writing this post.

I want to do more of this. Instead of not sharing anything, it’s better to have shared something even if it’s rough.

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