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Set Small Goals Everyday

I was just reading Radhika’s new post, “What do you deserve” and found this:

Remember, set small goals everyday, and then build on the momentum of completion. For example, if you want to read a book, tell yourself you only have to read one page. Chances are, once you start, you’ll keep reading.

As soon as I read this I thought of two things.

  1. That’s true. You can create habits by building momentum. I didn’t want to read a book yesterday, but after I started reading a page, I wanted to read more of it. I didn’t want to meditate today morning. I thought of meditating for just 1 or 2 minutes and ended up doing it for more than 30 minutes.

  2. It works another way as well. For example, I try to resist using computers all day because I do mindless surfing. I open my laptop and then BOOOM! 5 hours gone. Distraction works the same way how building momentum for habit works. If I open my laptop just to write a blog post, I’ll be tempted to check my e-mails. After that, Facebook and twitter. After that, Youtube videos, Reddit, Quora, LifeHacker, GoodReads, etc. One thing leads to another. Opening laptop leads to mindless surfing.

Hence, it works both ways. It’s like your mind. If you let your mind think endlessly, it’ll eventually destroy you. But if you can put it to good use, you’ll generate good ideas which can potentially help you succeed in your field of work.

Make good use of the momentum and start with small goals everyday.

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  1. As my guru Brian Tracy says: “Setting goal every day will change your life”.
    For sure, small daily goals must be related to some bigger goals that the person had already set. For example, if you had set to loose 10 kg in 6 month – your small daily goal could be to go the gym and practice for 30 minutes 🙂
    Good luck 🙂