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Wisdom Teeth Horror


It’s not easy on me this time. First of all, It’s discomforting me a lot. It pains even if I stand up or sit. Resting can’t comfort me either. Last option is to try and sleep. Seems like I can’t sleep either. Super discomfort. Every part of my body is starting to pain. Head-ache, throat pain, tooth-ache, cough, cold, stomach-ache, leg pain plus more. All just because of one legendary tooth, which is trying hard to come up from the base of my tooth flesh. It’s the wisdom teeth.  I am so weak that I can’t even open the window. I have to push my whole body to open the window. There’s no way to work except to take rest.

Now the pain seems chronic. Doesn’t go away easily. It’s trying to challenge me. Now I can’t eat anything nor drink anything. I then wish it to be mild but no luck, it’s full discomfort. I can resist mild discomfort because these things happen time and again. This time the discomfort is killing me because it’s not mild. It’s trying to stop me from doing anything. I have many work to complete and I have deadline for all of those work. This is the first time I understand the demerits of Freelancing. I have started thinking that this is not going to be good. I have to complete many assignments and projects on programming too.

X-Ray of my wisdom teeth

I can’t take this anymore. The pain is not bearable. I think of doing a tooth checkup because I can see my wisdom teeth coming out partially.

I went to the doctor and after taking a X-ray of my teeth he says the upper part of the tooth flesh should be removed. He said it’s all because of the wisdom tooth. All the pain just because of one tooth!

There were many resources that said wisdom teeth should be removed. So I had to make a quick decision on whether to keep it or not. I first found the wisdom teeth myth. During that time, I came across this article from Natural News which read:

In a groundbreaking report from the British Medical Journal, researchers who poured over thousands of studies detailing the efficacy of medical and dental procedures have concluded that many popular surgical procedures are completely worthless. Among those is one of the most common procedures performed by your dentist: the removal of so-called “impacted” wisdom teeth. According to the BMJ, this procedure may actually do more harm than good.

After that I stumbled across this article in NY Times:

But scientific evidence supporting the routine prophylactic extraction of wisdom teeth is surprisingly scant, and in some countries the practice has been abandoned. “Everybody is at risk for appendicitis, but do you take out everyone’s appendix?” said Dr. Greg J. Huang, chairman of orthodontics at the University of Washington in Seattle. “I’m not against removing wisdom teeth, but you should do an assessment and have a good clinical reason.”

I didn’t have any good clinical reason to remove the wisdom teeth and doctor only insisted on removing the flesh that’s blocking the teeth from coming up. He said it’s not good to remove without any legitimate reason. Instead the wisdom teeth helped me recover my TMJ( Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) . My Jaw used to make sounds while eating but now the teeth has brought it in level. It’s not gone completely but it has helped.

So he called after three days of medication.

I went to the doctor with pain on my whole body especially my teeth and parts around it. I reached there with lack of confidence because my mind thought pain wouldn’t be bearable. I reached operation theater; walking slowly.

The doctor there Injected me with the needle near the tooth flesh. And then everything started to be blurry. I couldn’t breathe normally. I had internal panic. He starts working on the flesh. I get a faint idea that he is taking out my flesh helping the wisdom teeth to come out naturally.

After sometime the minor surgery ends and I try to wake up. FECK IT! I can’t wake up. Then the doctor said that I lost too much of blood so my brain is dizzy. He suggested me to take rest. After 10 minutes I successfully wake up and walk back feeling dizzy. It was a really (un)great experience and I haven’t recovered fully. It might still take a week or more to recover.

You can see the part which was cut off. It’s bleeding.

The cut off part is focused with light.


Today after a long time I am using the laptop and I feel really hard to write and work. I’ve lost all of my habits and ideologies. I have to start everything from zero again.

Since I couldn’t work at all I was really afraid of my work deadlines. It’s already been more than a week I couldn’t open the laptop. Even now it’s hard for me to open my eyes and write. I am feeling really weak, I see blur vision of what I am writing but feeling good than before. My head still hurts. Thought I have to start working and writing or else I’ll have works piled on my e-mail. My whole body is tired and can hardly do anything. This is my least productive month. Didn’t do anything. This month should have been the busiest and most productive month but the opposite won.

Discomfort Vs Will power:

This time my Will Power was completely dead. It couldn’t do anything. I tried to remember every motivation quote I could, but of no use, and trying too hard seems really stupid idea when you are completely sick. All you can do is stare at the wall and rest. Worst part is that you can’t even sleep. I was constantly trying to rewire my brain to switch to work when i’m feeling sick but it doesn’t seems to be that effective when resting is the only option you have. So, the best idea would be to take rest and sleep because the work you do in these period won’t be effective and productive.

Now I’ve realized that it’s a pretty bad idea to try and work when our mind isn’t going clear and crashing out. It only decreases our work quality which we regret the next day.There’s no sense trying to push through it if legitimate exhaustion is there, the quality of thinking will be low.

Seems like this happens for everybody. Just that some feel pain and some don’t.

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  1. Awww… I experienced the wisdom tooth pain a month ago, it gave me time to catch up with seasons and movies 🙂 get well soon I hope that you recover fast

  2. Aw, this was an extremely nice post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to create a great article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done when I’m in that condition.