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Away Mission

Niall will be leaving us for 10 days starting from August 1. He will be attending 10 days meditation course. So he has given a mission for me and Niraj to complete in 10 days. The mission is to earn some money doing web design. He isn’t going to care if we earn from the internet or by designing websites for local businesses. We need to find a client and set up a blog for them. He suggested us to move around thamel area and ask travel, tours and trekking companies if we could modify their existing website. The main thing is that we need to be paid even if it’s as low as Rs.100. By the time he comes back, if we earn some money then he is going to give us bonus.

1) Search for website’s about travel and tours in nepal.

2) Figure out what can be changed or what needs to be changed in the website so that they can attract potential customers.
3) E-mail them that we will provide a free review for their website.
4) Explain them the benefits of those feature which I’ll add in their website.

5) Make some changes in their website.
6) Ask for testimonials from them.
7) Get bonus from Niall 😀

Above planning is based on assumption that they will accept my offer in every step.

Actually, I don’t think it will go as planned. I am sure this mission will test my persistent level. I will first search for local people who owns business, mostly related to travel and ask them personally if I can review and make some changes in their website. I think most people accept free review because they will have nothing to lose. So after reviewing their website I’ll explain about the features i will be addding in their website along with it’s benefit. If they ignore my offer then i will decrease the price till Rs100 and i don’t think Rs100 would be a big deal for them. In the worst case they will lose Rs100 or else they will get their websites modified to attract potential customers.

I’ll be writing everything as it happens during this mission. So be sure to subscribe or check this blog after few days.


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