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Whenever I sit down to write a good blog post, I write the most horrible blog post. Whenever I want something and run after it, I don’t get it. Maybe sometimes I will, but mostly it’s not so easy.

I learned to touch type fast so that I could increase my typing speed and get works done faster.
But whenever I just focus on increasing my typing speed, my writing doesn’t flow so easily. It gets stuck. It’s because I was just focusing on my typing speed. If I focus more on writing and use typing just as a tool, then I tend to type faster.

Look anything that helps you complete your work as a tool to get it done. When typing fast is my goal, I cannot type fast. But when my goal is to write something, I can type fast. It’s counterintuitive, but focusing on something else makes it easy to get our works done.

In the same way, you shouldn’t focus on being happy. If you focus on being happy, then you’ll not be happy. It’s because you want something but you don’t have it. When you want something and you aren’t, there’s a huge gap. That gap will bring unhappiness.

That happens to me every time. I figured that I’m most unhappy when I want to be happy. But if I embrace my unhappiness, I start to feel better which can then take me to happiness.

Again, same for business. If you just focus on making money then you cannot earn profit. But if you focus on creating value, you’ll start to see good returns.

Think of it this way: if you try to catch a hen, it runs away. But if you show it’s grain food, it comes towards you. It’s because you have it’s food(value).

So it’s very important that you understand the underlying principles of anything before you jump on it. Focusing on happiness will bring you unhappiness. Focusing on Money will make you a failure in business. It’s easier to type fast when you focus on writing something instead of focusing on just typing fast.

Sometime it sounds counterintuitive, but always dig deep into what takes you closer to your goals.

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    • Thank you very much.

      Exactly. Well said, “What you resist persists….”.

      I’m currently having problem with my RSS feed, so this post wasn’t shared anywhere. I’m just wondering how you found this post. Maybe you just typed to see if there was something new?

      I’m trying to figure out how you guys find out about my new posts. I’m trying to make it effortless for anyone interested in my posts to get updates.

      Cheers for the comment, Cameron 🙂


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