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Just Let It Flow

Some people like to create drama over superficial stuff. Nobody consciously likes to be around those type of people.

I don’t mention about unconsciousness, because I think those type of people–drama creator–attract other people.

Humans are social creatures. Anything that creates attention is attractive, or at least fun. Some people create lots of drama, and so they attract lots of people.

When someone invests emotionally into something–in this case, drama–it’ll be very difficult to remove themselves from the situation. Nobody ever wants to lose out on their investment.

So, they unconsciously get close with the person creating drama. Without it, they’ll feel like something’s missing overtime.

Drama directs people to anger and jealousy, and the more they try to resist that, they more they’ll get sucked into it.

Children, for example, usually don’t speak when they are angry, scared, shocked, or something doesn’t occur the way they want to.

However, some children don’t speak even when something they want is fulfilled eventually. They get angry at first because some events didn’t occur the way they want it to. And later, they end up in infinite loop of ‘not speaking’. They feel very hard to speak.

The more you try to make them smile or speak, the more they won’t. What you resist, persists. You want them to stop being angry at something, but the more you force them to open up, the more they keep quiet.

The solution is to just let it flow. Don’t force anything. With time, they’ll eventually open up.

Majority of us make the mistake of trying to force laughter onto other people. That simply won’t happen. Either it needs to flow naturally, or they need to be on positive state of mind.

This is same with our life and everything we do during the day. If you procrastinate a lot, you shouldn’t force to stop it. You should just let it be, and start doing your work anyway.

Don’t try and stop procrastinating. The more you try to stop procrastination, the more excuses you’ll get as to why you shouldn’t complete the work.

The more you force concentration during meditation, the more you can’t concentrate. Mostly because you’ll spend time trying to concentrate, when it should be flow naturally.

I wrote this, but I didn’t force it.

Just let it flow.

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