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Another Reason To Write

It’s been sometime I’m not as active in writing as I was before. I had other stuff to focus on. During that time, I literally forgot every value I possessed before.

I used to ingrain all self development principles in my brain by writing about it. I would learn something and then write about it. That would make it possible for me to remember it and make practical use of it.

But since I didn’t write about anything, I forgot about those principles and values.

Now while I’m writing about those principles, I’m starting to remember it again. For example, I wrote about resistance some days ago and it refreshed the knowledge I had about it before I stopped writing.

I think this is one reason why I write, and why I should write as well. I can’t always think about all the values and self development principles all the time. It requires refreshments which writing makes possible.

Writing for me is also a form of meditation. I can dwell into one specific topic and make practical use of it overtime. If I try that by thinking, it starts to get overwhelming and I give up before I even realize.

That’s another reason to write.

Writing everyday in the morning was my form of meditation. And I’m thinking of giving it a continuity.

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