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Layers of Resistance: How To Get Rid of It

The biggest breakthrough for me while meditating has been to get rid of the resistance I face everyday.

However, in doing so, I started taking it too seriously and made myself aware when I was resisting the emotion. Since I was too aware of it, I started to resist the resistance itself. And now I had double layers of resistance, which was even worse than having only one layer of resistance.

The idea of trying to get rid of resistance was wrong. You shouldn’t try to block the resistance, rather try to look at it as it is and do what you were doing. If you kind of feel yourself trying to resist something, just look at it like, “Ok, that’s that” and just come back to your normal life. Don’t try to block that emotion.

Often times you get caught up on resistance, and instead of getting over it, you start to create more layers of resistance. Accept everything there is and everything will slowly fall into place.

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