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Let Your Emotions Flow

I tried to stop feeling emotions which were regarded as weakness. When you part ways with someone you’ve been too close to, you feel sad. The natural inclination would be to cry. But since people generally look crying as a sign of weakness, we try to refrain from it as much as possible.

By suppressing my emotions, I would be able to refrain from crying or laughing hard. I wouldn’t cry when I felt like crying because I’d think crying is a sign of weakness and that tough men don’t cry. I wouldn’t laugh at jokes because I wouldn’t want to set my humor bar too low. I’d think that it doesn’t look professional to laugh at petty little jokes. I would need some intelligent brainy joke to make myself laugh, and even if I’d laugh, I’d laugh inside and try to suppress as much as possible.

By blocking all my emotions, I gained nothing. I just missed the greater part of human experience. I just kept it inside and tried to suppress bringing myself closer to bigger problems like anxiety and depression. Of course, I don’t have anxiety or depression, but I was heading towards it by trying to suppress my emotions and refrain from my natural inclination to emotions.

After realizing that I wasn’t feeling all different emotions, I’ve stopped trying to suppress it. If I want to cry, I cry. It doesn’t make me less of a man if I cry. If there’s anyone who thinks crying is a weakness or that men don’t cry, they are really missing out on a bigger human experience and most importantly, they haven’t understood what feeling emotions means. It’s a part of your body and soul. It’s like feeding yourself. Not feeling your emotions is like not getting all nutrition required for your body.

You’ll feel free, clear and happy after you let your emotions flow without any restrictions. After I let my emotions flow, I enter the state of oneness. I feel the emotion and let my body adjust to it. For me, it’s like meditation. I feel the same effects after feeding my emotions as after meditation.

If I have to laugh, I laugh. If I have to cry, I cry. I don’t try and block it.

If I try to block it, my body becomes heavy just like how you have to suffer if you don’t pee when you have to pee. Once you let go of it, your body becomes light.

The experience of feeling free after letting your emotions flow is incredible.

Don’t set the bar high for humor. Find humor in small stuff and jokes. Don’t try and set it too high that you’d not laugh at small jokes. It’s just not worth it.

If you want to be more human, feel and let your emotions flow. Don’t resist.

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