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Not Writing for Fame

I don't do aggressive promotion of my blog posts. The chances of people finding my blog posts are pretty low.

I don't care about that, though.

I'm writing this for myself, to improve life of people who read it, to improve my writing, and finally improve myself as a whole.

I know I have written lots of posts that could help people and see world through different perspective.

I just keep writing without thinking about publicizing aggressively. I find it pretty uncomfortable sharing aggressively on social media's. I only share a link on twitter and google plus. I always think 10 times before sharing on Facebook because I have lots of post-sensitive friends who might find aggressive promotion annoying.

So, I just don't do much of promotion in there. Occasionally, I use reddit to drive some traffic on my blog. And that's it.

Whenever someone mentions my posts or website and write that it helped them, I feel very happy. I feel like that's the reason I write, and that everyone should write for that reason.

You don't write to manipulate people, get famous, or popular. You write for the sole purpose of writing - to improve life of people who read your work. You are not writing for fame.

And I find that extremely motivating. And probably there's nothing more motivating to write than the sense of joy it provides you in the long run by helping humanity at least in a small way.

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  • Manish Suwal 'Enwil'

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    • I was staring at the blank screen with nothing to write. I randomly thought about writing this post.

      Now I’m glad I wrote this. At least, it was of help to you 🙂

      And that’s why I write at all 😉


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