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Plan in the Moment

For the past couple of years, I’ve been making plans on a whim. I don’t plan ahead. I plan in the moment.

As for productivity, it’s not a good behaviour. It’s good to plan everything before. But for living your life, I think it’s good to just go with the flow.

Yesterday, I had no plans. The weather was good so I was in mood of doing something. I thought of meeting my friend who does photography, and then taking some pictures and videos.

I asked him on Viber if I can come over to his place and he agreed.

From his place, we went to a brick factory near his area. We took lots of photos and took some amazing GoPro footage. It happened all of a sudden all at once. And that is what’s amazing about sudden plans.

What about you? Do you make plans ahead of time or suddenly in the moment?

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