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Reading Blog Posts Enables You to Come Up With Good Ideas

If you read self improvement articles a lot, you might have figured out that all those articles are repeated over and over again.

Anything you read about motivation is the same. It just gets slightly different between authors, but it’s the same.

After I became aware of it, I stopped reading blog posts. I thought was wasting my time reading them again and again.

But that was far from what was happening.

While I reanalyzed, I found that I was taking better action, writing better and thinking better while reading those repetitive blog posts. And when I stopped reading them, I started to slack off. I had difficulty bringing in new ideas and writing about them.

Reading similar content again and again keeps those ideas fresh in your mind. So every time you try to think, it helps you generate new ideas.

Without it, you’ll have difficulty thinking properly.  If you can’t think properly, you can’t write or take action properly.

So, I’ve started reading self help blog posts and articles again. I wake up and read a blog post. It doesn’t take much time, just around 5 minutes. It’s good to fill up your mind instead of sitting idle and not being able to generate good ideas.

Even while reading this article, you might have noticed that my blog posts are redundant to some level. I write about motivation quite a lot, and same for other forms of self improvement.

And I will continue to write. The more I write, the more chances you’ll read. The more you’ll read, the more chances of these ideas entering your sub conscious.

You should want these ideas to enter your sub conscious so that it becomes second nature for you to think what’s right and what’s wrong. Instead of having to think long and hard while making decisions, reading blog posts enables you to come up with good ideas naturally.

It literally only takes 5 minutes for you to go through these blog posts everyday.

I’ve started reading blog posts for this reason and I think that’s why you should read it too.


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