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They Were All Running For Their Lives

My life was normal before the earthquake, which occurred on 25th April, 2015. I used to work on my laptop, write, program, and do other necessary stuff. I would wake up, use the laptop, sleep, eat and do the same thing again.

I used to stay at home all the time.

On 25th April, a major earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal. I was working on my laptop and ran away to safety with my mobile phone in hand.

People were screaming, and there was terror everywhere. The earthquakes kept on coming. It didn’t stop. The aftershocks were enormous and unbelievable.

We were asked to stay outside for at least 72 hours. It was very hard. There was not enough food or water. And electricity and internet was beyond question. We slept outside in the neighbours compound. They have one storey building, which was safer than most houses here.

During the time when I ran to safety, I was thinking how people never thought about their wealth, ego and other stuff along those lines. They were all running for their lives. Those things didn’t matter at all.

It actually never matters, it’s just that we value those stuff out of consumerism.

They were all praying for their lives. I was too. People who never talk to each other were talking. Everybody was aware of their death for the first time.

When they faced death, they changed. The way they talked, the way they looked and everything else.

I noticed that, and wished that things would go back to normal.

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