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Why I Dont Follow Anyone on Twitter

Twitter Profile of Manish Suwal EnwilThe heart of twitter lies in getting updates from people you follow. But I’ve stopped following anyone.

I started using twitter by following anyone who followed me. And then following anyone I’d see on the sidebar. I started receiving crap updates from people I never knew about.

Slowly, it started to get overwhelming.

I didn’t like that. So, I started following people only who I’d love to get updates from.

However, they not only tweet, but also reply and retweet a lot. And their other interaction weren’t fruitful to me. So I thought of not following anyone. I started off as an experiment, but now it’s how I use twitter.

I only use twitter to post my updates, not to consume other people’s updates.

Some advantages I’ve received are:

1. Align to My Minimalist Goal: Less is more, if not, better.

2. Less distraction: I’m consuming tweets only when I want to. I don’t have to mindlessly consume others tweet.

3. Focus on relationship: It sounds counter-intuitive but not following anyone strengthens the relationship. If you don’t follow anyone, you have to go to their profile to view their tweets. That way, you can remember them more often. So, I’m not missing out on updates, rather I’m remembering them.

That’s why I dont follow anyone on Twitter or Instagram. I’m thinking eliminating distraction from Facebook as well.

Instagram Profile of Manish Suwal Enwil

What about you?


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  1. Thanks for this post, I’m new to Twitter and I’ve decided to only put Tweets out, following others will become to time consuming, plus I think leading as opposed to following has it’s advantages