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Remove Social Conditioning

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Anything that’s second-hand experience, which we are led to believe by other people is called social conditioning.

From the time we came to this earth till now, we have been socially conditioned.

There’s first hand experience and second-hand experience.

When you learn something through your own reference experience, that’s the first hand experience. You know what’s right and what’s wrong through your own experience. You don’t have to rely on other’s.

There are lots of field we want to move forward on. It might be social dynamics, programming, public speaking, playing football, getting healthy, meditating, building business, getting rich, learning psychology, etc.

Whatever it is, you need to remove your social conditioning to move forward and actually learn the real principle behind it. If you rely on social conditioning and second-hand experience then you might have hard time succeeding because most of social conditioning is wrong.

In business, for instance, you don’t get rich by being a value leech, which we are led to believe by lots of people. You need to be the source of value. We are led to believe that we need to run after money to get rich. That’s not true. We need to create value and then wealth comes afterwards. People who create value and deliver have more chance of becoming rich than people who always run after money.

We are also led to believe money, looks, prestige, etc attracts women. But that’s not the case. I won’t go into detail about it but there are lots of things that happen in the deeper level which are more responsible for women’s view for you. If you are more into it, read and watch videos from Tyler and Julien from Real Social Dynamics.

The social conditioning are endless.

The above examples illustrates social conditioning being the bad side. However, it’s not entirely bad. If there were no second-hand experience then we wouldn’t have grown so fast as human beings. We would still have been in the stone age.

You don’t jump off 20 storey building because you know you’ll die if you do so. But have you tried it first hand? No.

You learned that from other people. If you jump from the building, you’ll die. If you drink poison, you’ll die. If you jump from airplane without parachute, you’ll die.

You know fire burns your skin because you have touched it and experienced it first hand. Would you believe anyone who says fire doesn’t burn?

Of course not.

But if you didn’t have first hand experience that fire burns your skin then you would probably believe that fire doesn’t burn. Because you really don’t know.

So, it’s important to gain as much as first hand experience as possible. Without first hand experience you’ll be led to believe lots of lies.

Remove social conditioning, gain as much first hand reference experience as possible, and see how you can fit your knowledge into your existing field.

You’ll start to realize most of the social conditioning you were led to believe were wrong and that you can improve on your field of goal more quickly with first hand experience.

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