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Superficial Set of Standards

When you want to get good at something, everybody explains you that you need to meet society’s superficial standards. Society has set of standards which defines what you should be like to be successful at something.

There are basically two superficial standards which we desperately try to fulfill. We have believed that those two superficial standards are actually the most important aspect for being successful.

Those two superficial standards which we try to meet are:
1. Looks
2. Money

You need to look nice for people to love you. For people to view you as a worthy guy. Without good looks, you are shit. That’s what society has led you to believe.

However, that’s not true. Human beings have been hard wired through millennia. The emotions people felt some 1000 years ago is the same emotion you feel today. We are not different human beings from those human beings. We have similar fears, similar emotions and similar way of rationalizing. Above all, we exist because of them. Their DNA is rooted in our body.

If you go back to history, people had to live in the thin line of life and death.

Anything that increased their chances of survival and reproduction was attractive to them. Survival and reproduction was the primary source of value. Looks didn’t matter at all. A cute looking guy simply wouldn’t increase the chances of survival. They needed to be more decisive, alert, strong, intuitive and self validated. They needed to sense danger. And if not fast enough, wild animals could easily kill them.

Looks didn’t matter and since we are descendent of them, it still doesn’t matter. But we are led to believe that it matters. That’s superficial.

There’s whole new game going on in the deeper level. If you can show off the vibe that you are high spirited guy who has positive emotions and can have fun, then you’d come out as attractive guy with high source of value.

As for money, let’s take a typical example of a beautiful woman. There are always guys spinning around beautiful women who buys her stuff in hopes she’ll get attracted to him.

In short, woman can easily get men to buy her stuff she needs. So, that’s not what she’s looking for in men.

At least that’s what’s on her sub-conscious, even if she says something rationally.

She’s looking for the value that you can provide on the deeper level. And it’s funny that she’ll logically say that she likes charming cute guys with lots of money. However, what’s she’s attracted to is something else, for which she’ll be emotionally driven.

All human beings look for value, and the value what society has led you to believe is simply wrong.

Stop trying to meet society‘s superficial set of standards. Instead, create value and become the source of value. That will increase your chances of succeeding in life as a whole.

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