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During earthquake, we never get chance to think about money, status, prestige or other stuffs along those lines. We only think about our lives. Just surviving starts to mean a lot to us. We just want to survive. That’s it!

Why so, only when we are about to die?

When you are about to die, you only think about surviving and getting a chance to see another day. It’s because you haven’t fully lived your life. You are afraid to die because you have been following unimportant values your whole life. You missed the mark of living a good life. You come to realize that you lived the wrong way, walking the wrong path.

Earthquake gives you a quick realization about importance of life every time it occurs. You never think about anything, you just run!

You run for your lives. Money, status, prestige, makes zero sense during that particular time. It’s all about surviving the earthquake.

You run for your life, just so you could live. Just so you could breathe and extend your time on this earth.
If it’s a very huge earthquake and you manage to survive, you’ll be very happy. Even a million dollar in bank cant make you happy then.

While an earthquake occurred yesterday, everybody was calling their loved ones. They were in a hurried state.
But why only during earthquake? Did they realize that they have limited time on earth only after earthquake? That one day they won’t be able to be with their loved ones?

We live like we never die and take everything for grated. And then when something unfortunate happens, we panic a lot.
There’s no reason to panic or be afraid of death if you have lived your life fully.

Of course, no one wants to die. But there’s this feeling of fulfillment when you’ve done everything you’ve wanted and lived your life fully. That’s another way to die. We don’t have much time to live here on earth. Even if we had 100 years to live, it’s still not enough to do everything you want.

The only reason you panic is because you haven’t lived your life fully. You were in the wrong path the whole time.
If you did panic during yesterday’s earthquake, there’s higher chance that you haven’t fully lived your life.

Maybe you have dreams to follow or even achieve specific goals. And therefore that’s the reason you panic while you’re about to die.
Or maybe you have been taking things for granted which you realized quickly during earthquake.

You might have been dead, but you’re lucky. You still got another chance to live. So, LIVE IT!

Let’s shift it to the action part.
If you just had a day left before you’d die, what would your last wish be?
Write it down and starting working on it today. That way you’ll have less chances of regretting your life.

Why do you panic so hard when you know you’re about to die?
This is very important because if you panic now, then you’ll panic later as well. It’s a sure sign that you’ll regret your life later in your death bed.
Figure it out and work on it.

Everything we have in this world is for rent. Even your whole body is in rent. It won’t be there forever, it will be there only for a period of time. If someone gave you something for rent, you would make sure you’d make full use of it. So why not use your body to the fullest extent? Your body is for rent too. – Everything is for rent


I wrote this post after the earthquake which occurred more than a month before. I had nothing new to post and found this interesting, so I scheduled this for today.

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