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I didn’t publish a blog post this Friday. I felt really bad because I have been posting every Friday for more than a year. As soon as I missed this Friday, I felt guilty and bad. I had a mix of negative emotions all over my body. It was my goal to post every Friday and I failed to post.

I tried to forget that bad feeling I felt about myself for not being able to post this friday. But I couldn’t. Instead, I tried to find excuses for why I didn’t post this friday.

I came up with an excuse that I was busy for my sister’s wedding, so I couldn’t write. And I realized my excuse was even worse than failing to post a blog post this Friday.

I failed to post, that’s fine. But the attempt to prevent and hide that failure through excuse is not fine.

I tried to bring up obstacle for my goal to feel better about myself. That it was the obstacle that didn’t let me post this Friday.

It’s normal that we fail at goals we set for ourselves, but if we try to find excuses for that failure, then we’re even worse than failing at our goal.

What distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful is the fact that successful people embrace their failure and search for next to-do action whereas unsuccessful people try to defend it by coming up with excuses.

They try to resist it.

Honesty and transparency in our goals is very important. If you fail at your goal then embrace it and try to not fall on that trap again. People who bring excuses for their failure fall on this vicious trap of failing again and again.

I personally love people who are transparent about their goals and result that accompanies it. As soon as I find people trying to hide their failure through excuses, I see them as non-worthy for success.

Embracing your failure is the next step for success.

Since I couldn’t post a blog post this friday, I’m posting it today.


In the comments below, share your story about a time you failed to reach your goal miserably. It will help you become transparent about your failure, which can help you take a step towards improving yourself.

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  • There’s a distinct distinction between successful people and unsuccessful people who struggle to follow their life path. Unsuccessful people believe there are two worlds. One where you work for the sake of paying bills and another where you have fun and live your life in happiness.
    Most of us don’t want to study in school or work. We find it boring because we perform the same chores everyday. We do it for the sake of doing. We wish it ended soon and believe good days will come after we complete these boring tasks or jobs.
    Successful people never believe that. They don’t have two worlds they live in. They only focus on one thing. They don’t wait for their work to finish so they could enjoy doing something else. Successful people believe about focusing on reality.
    Works and chores are boring. But if you keep doing it without any expectation of another world, you’ll slowly start to find satisfaction in that work, which will take you closer to success.

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