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Focus Down

It’s been a long time I’ve been journaling, so I can say that I can only write one journal at a time – either public or private.

I regard public journals as blog posts.

Whenever I’m writing private journals, I’m not writing public journals. And whenever I’m writing public journals, I’m not writing private journals.

It’s either one or the another.

Recently, I haven’t been publishing lots of blog posts. I usually post daily, but now I’m not able to because I started writing private journals.

I was way behind on private journals, so I thought of writing private journals, which made it hard for me to write public journals.

Whenever I write public journals–blog posts–I fall back on my private journal schedule.

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you know that I like to document my life. And writing private journals enables me to document my life because I write everything that happened during the day. Sort of like life tracking.

Usually I focus on writing blog posts, but it had been a long time I didn’t write private journals. So, I started writing more of it because I didn’t want to go long without tracking my life.

As I’ve mentioned before, whenever I start writing private journals, I stop publishing blog posts. It’s mainly because I can’t focus on both at once.

The way I write differs on both, private and public journal. I have to write for an audience when I’m writing for the public, so I’ll have to think and write different than when I’m writing private journals for myself.

I can write private journals in anyway I want, which isn’t always possible when I’m publishing a blog post.

Back in February, I took daily blogging challenge, which I completed successfully. And oddly I didn’t write a single private journal during that time.

My frame of mind was occupied by public journals.

When I’m on a good streak in writing blog posts, I usually don’t write private journals.

It’s the same with your life. If you are improving or moving forward on one area of your life, you are falling short on another area of your life. You cannot progress on every area of your life at once.

If you are a father and you work a lot, you’ll be making progress in your work and career, but not in parenting. You’ll be a bad parent, but a good worker.

If I’m focused on learning to skate board, then I’ll not be able to focus on programming. So, I’ll progress on one field and fall short on another.

You can only progress on one thing at a time. If you try and progress on everything at once, you’ll fall short on everything.

So, focus down on what’s important in your life and aggressively pursue it, instead of trying to focus on both and faltering.

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