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March Journals 2015

I took a 750 words writing challenge for the month of March. I successfully completed it.

Since I was busy writing my private journals, I couldn’t update my blog. So I thought of extracting a sentence from my private journals and post it here one by one. The number 1 represents March 1. The number 2 represents March 2 and so on…

  1. I signed up for the March writing challenge and nearly missed the first day itself. It would have been very heart breaking.

  2. He became successful only after 8 years of working as a game developer. He created lots of shit games and struggled a lot. But time paid off.

  3. I’m very tired and as soon as I write this, I will go to sleep.
    The only reason I’m writing is because I took challenge to write everyday for the month of March.

  4. This is where I felt grateful for my life. D’s (Real name hidden) both kidneys failed. He has to do dialysis everyday 3 days in a week.

  5. It’s been this way for a long time. I have always listened others and ruined my life.

  6. And if I can’t enjoy it, then what’s the use of doing it?

  7. You can’t just win once and always be a winner. Either defend it, or you lose it.

  8. Without people who love me to death, I’ll have hard time surviving in this world.

  9. If I took that plane ticket, something different would have happened to me and my life. But I didn’t.

  10. Never thought I would be able to write 10 days continuously. I’m very happy. It’s also a reminder that if I put my heart and soul into something, and make sure I do it, then doing anything is possible.

  11. I should focus more on finding joy while living my life instead of purchasing more goods that doesn’t make me happy.

  12. I had lots of dreams when I was a child. But as I grew up, it’s all gone.

  13. The more bullshits you go through in life, the better it is for you in the long run.

  14. I’m starting to love open source. All of the world’s programmers working to create an app so that everyone can enjoy it for free.

  15. I’ve figured out that the transition is the hardest part. But once it’s done, it’s not very difficult to stay consistent at it.

  16. I traded my happiness for the presence of someone else.

  17. Maybe the best solution would be to find intelligent people and live with them.

  18. I need to make sure that I do whatever I do with all my heart, without having to bring in external force into it.

  19. It was painful to drive that long. I nearly drove 45 KM today morning alone.

  20. Maybe I’m not doing something right now which I’ll surely regret in the future. But I’ll never know!

  21. Louis Zamperini and his friends were always positive and said they would make it. They kept looking forward. And in doing so, they actually made it.

  22. We are more likely to give up just before we are about to succeed after all the hard work is done. I’m close to the end of March writing challenge and nearly gave up.

  23. I learned that most plane crash occurs when pilot can’t make proper decisions, and they can’t make proper decisions when they are tired or sleep deprived. Proper sleep is very important for making proper decisions.

  24. Today morning I read a quote on Instagram from @thinkgrowprosper: “If you set your goals ridiculously high and fail, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”

  25. I got an idea while I was in the bathroom today. The idea was to highlight just one sentence from everyday journals I’ve written on 750 words for a month and then make a blog post of it by posting one sentence for everyday.

  26. I don’t know why, but everyone here loves to gossip about each other. Is it rooted deep in human psychology to gossip?

  27. Urgh! But, I think having problems like this is a test ground for me to live a better life. If I can get past this, I can get past anything.

  28. We can’t even trust our own people. We can never trust our own people actually. They have the power to screw us.

  29. It’s like everyone who I know in the world thinks of writing me exactly at the same time. And when they don’t write, nobody writes to me.

  30. Just help, and see where it goes. I’ll write him everyday for some days and give him tips about how he can move forward.

  31. Today I officially completed the March 750 words writing challenge. What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while.

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