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Fear is Contagious

I had a friendly boss who used to talk about soccer games every time I’d meet him. He was just like a friend to me.

I was new there, so he introduced me to a co-worker. He was so fearful towards the boss that he wouldn’t speak in front of him. He would just take orders from him and keep quite when he was nearby.

Whenever I’d try to talk with my boss in a friendly manner, he would ask me not to. He tried to stop me from talking with my boss because he was trying to force his fearful reality unto me.

He had a strong sense of reality, which was to be fearful in front of the boss. And since I was with him all the time, I started feeling the same. I started to be fearful towards the boss.

With time, I couldn’t speak with my boss in a friendly manner and started to take orders only, just like him. Gradually, it started to become normal.

My friendly relation with my boss was cut off by fear which was forced upon me by my co-worker.

I left the job after being frustrated over myself. The workplace for me was a jail. I didn’t have friendly environment there. I had, but lost it.

I lost it because of the fear.

I figured out that fear is contagious only after I suffered from it in the workplace.

My sense of reality was weak and my co-workers sense of reality was strong. He was fearful, I was not. But with time, since he had strong sense of reality, he was able to transfer that fear unto me. And so, I started acting fearful towards my boss.

I’m eternally thankful for this experience I received in the workplace. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have been conscious of it.

Now that I look back, it was true in every step of my life.

I wasn’t fearful in the beginning. Others would plant the seed of fear every time. It was the same in school. I used to fear my teacher, when I didn’t have to. I used to fear because everyone else used to fear them.

Human beings are not born fearful, they just learn along the way.

It has been a sweet lesson for me to not be fearful. If necessary, I’ll suffer the consequences of not being fearful, but I will try everything to remove fear from myself.

Whatever you do, don’t live besides people who are fearful.

Whenever you choose to stay with someone, just ask yourself if you want to be like the person that’s in front of you or not. If not, dont stay with them. Don’t befriend people who you don’t want to become.

Only stay with people who you would like to become. Spend time with them, and if possible, only follow those people in social media.

You might argue that fear is necessary. Without fear, we would walk on fire, because we wouldn’t fear it.

However, that’s a wrong concept.

Stopping yourself from walking on fire is common sense, not fear. You can’t simply substitute common sense with fear.

Running away from tiger is not fear. It’s common sense. There’s no way you’ll win a fight with tiger, unless you have advanced weapon.

Most people mistaken fear with common sense. You need to have common sense, and eliminate fear completely.

Take a moment and watch this video from Apocalypto movie. It sums up the whole article:

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