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Fill Dead Time

Today I was waiting for someone and had to fill in dead time.

Most of the time, we waste those dead time. We either complain about the person making us wait for a long time, or do nothing beneficial.

Anyway, today I was waiting and I had lots of time to kill. I thought about taking video blog. I always wanted to Vlog (Video Blog). I thought it would be the best time to start.

I had recorded video blog before as well. But they were of very bad quality and it didn’t have any specific direction.

So, I opened up my mobile camera and started speaking. And I spoke about filling dead time.

Editing Video Blog on Adobe Premiere Pro

Editing Video Blog on Adobe Premiere Pro

We always complain that we don’t have enough time to complete certain works or we don’t have free time to do something else. The solution lies within us. There’s lots of time for all of us, we just don’t see it.

Those are dead time. We need to make use of it. If you’re shopping, or standing on line to pay bill, you could consider listening to audio books. If you’re a song writer, you could consider writing a song or recording something quickly on your mobile phone.

If you’re photographer, you could look for interesting stuff within your work zone. There’s always dead time, and if you can make use of it, you’ll have lots of time to do stuff which you always wanted to do.

Always remember to fill dead time

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