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Gun Pointed at You

Bagmati River from Bridge to UN Park
We were wishing new year 2014, and now it’s already mid-april. 4 months have passed since that day. Time travels fast.

Every new year or new month, I try and improve one aspect of my life. But I fail. I have constantly written about my failure regarding resolutions. That’s why I have resisted making any new years resolution.

I find myself motivated only during special occasions. Occasions like public holiday, festivals, new years, birthday, etc.

We all wish to improve ourselves. Our rational brain takes it one step further every time. But when the time comes for execution, we piss on our pants. We neglect the rational brain and return to our past selves to do what we want to do.

Everything in this world is fleeting – even motivation. I’ve noted this time and again. There’s motivation to work on something during special occasions, and suddenly it’s gone.

It’s like hangover. It’s there for sometime and it’s gone forever.

To bring the urgency, I have been thinking about instant motivation. I’ve written that we need to trap ourselves in difficult situation in order to improve ourselves. Without it, it’s pretty difficult to move forward.

To take that motivation one step forward, think a gun is pointed at you every time. If you don’t do what you need to do in order to improve yourself, someone will pull the trigger.

Don’t only trap yourself, but also think that a gun is pointed at your head every second.

Trapping yourself will force your physical self to move forward whereas thinking about gun pointed at your head will help you escalate mentally.

Make it impossible to move back to your old self unless you improve yourself. For that, it’s important to trap and push yourself. Pushing physically is not enough, you need to push mentally as well – a gun is pointed at you every second.

Do it, or die.

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