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Why Ideal Work Environment is Very Crucial

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I was focusing on my work very hard. A small notification with tiny metal sound popped out of nowhere. All my focus went down in an instant. It just took that one second for me to lose my focus and stop work.

When I work on my laptop, if I get even a tiny sound of notification, I get distracted. I go and check the notification, and all my focus runs away.

I can’t stress enough on good working environment. If you are constantly distracted at your working environment, change it. Go somewhere else.

Some people love changing environments all the time. It boosts their productivity, at least for a period of time while they work.

Right now, there are people chatting in big distracting voice, and I can’t seem to focus on my writing. So, I’m ending this post quick. It’s because it’s crucially important to identify environment where you can’t work. And when you figure out you’re in that environment, stop your work and leave.

I’m leaving this place to get my work done.

First, identify what distracts you and make your new work environment favorable for your work.

Some people like listening to music while they work. I usually don’t like that, but if I do, I’ll head over to a coffee shop. I only listen to music when I have easy redundant tasks to complete, and relax.

Identifying your ideal work environment is crucial for increased productivity. If you know your ideal work environment, then move to those type of environment.

If you are unaware of your ideal work environment, then start identifying it.

It also doesn’t hurt to figure out what distracts you the most. For me, it’s the sound of people chatting and kids fighting. I can’t stand it. I also hate busy streets.

The most underestimated distraction is keeping tabs open. I can’t work when I have lots of tabs open on my browser. I need to remove all unnecessary tabs and focus on only one tab.

So it’s equally important to identify what distracts you as much as to identify what’s your ideal work environment.

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