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How RescueTime Increased my Productivity.

After I realized that most of my days were going unproductive I searched for something to help me. After searching for numerous software and tools I found RescueTime. After installing it, I’ve figured out how my time is being spent and which websites i actively use. Actually most of the time we just sit in front of the computer screen and then surf the net. Social networking sites always remains on top of the distraction category.I just figured it out when the Rescue robot sent me rescue time weekly summary. You can see it in the picture below.
I now figured out that i am just 35% productive at the moment. So now it’s easier for me to set goals for another week. I can challenge myself and try to be more productive than this week. This is a step ahead for becoming productive.
Not only this! It even allows you to check which sites you use the most and it automatically keeps into categories of productive, unproductive and distracting. 

You can see facebook at the top leaving every other websites behind. It’s not because i use facebook too much. It’s because i keep the facebook tab open whenever i am surfing the internet. I think i should stop this habit. Facebook is always open in my chrome tab so RescueTime counts it as using facebook.

Actually found out that RescueTime only keeps record of tab which i am working on and not the tabs which are inactive.

My next mission would be to spend less time on social networking sites. I can even configure that on Rescue time. There is a handy setting called Manage Goals. There you can manually add goals which you like . For example: I will spend more than 4 hours per day on productive things or I will spend less than 1 hour in social networking sites. It automatically tracks if you will be able to achieve your goals or not.

In the nutshell, RescueTime is a tool that allows us to easily understand and optimize how we spend our time. One of the most important things about RescueTime is that there is no data entry. We only need to  install a small application on the computer and RescueTime magically track what software and which web sites are actively being used.  You only need to install a tiny application on your computer or laptop and it automatically measures which application or web site is actively being used. This data is pushed to rescue time database for processing.

You can sign up for rescue time here. You can choose the forever free plan or paid plan. This small tool will boost your productivity and is a must for everyone who wants to spend their time productively.

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