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If You Don’t Do Everyday, You Won’t Be Able To

We want our creation to be perfect, whether it be a blog post, a video edit, a photo edit, a song compilation, or a program. It's normal. Everyone wants their creation to be perfect. 

Since we want our stuff to be perfect, we don't produce it when we don't feel like. We don't work on it during our free time. We wait to feel motivated and inspired to bring out the best product from inside us. 

But the problem is if you won't do right now, you won't be able to do it in the future. It's hard, but will be infinitely more hard if you stop in the middle of your work. 

I was writing everyday. Easily every week. But I stopped. And now, I'm having hard time even writing this. I made lots of excuses. 

While writing everyday I had that idea on how to write in the forefront of my mind. I could just write about something everyday. I would have ideas rolling every hour. But now, since I didn't write, my idea muscle has atrophied. 

I had some basic rules for writing in my mind. Like don't write unnecessary stuff in your post. But now, I'm probably writing more stuff because I forgot about it. I forgot because I didn't write for a long time. 

I only wrote private journals. Didn't write public journals of my thoughts. I'm trying to write again. And I'm finding it pretty difficult. 

If I push a little harder, I hope I'll be able to write properly. And that’s what you need to do. Keep doing what you do, irregardless of how you feel.

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