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April Fools Day: How to Take Advantage

It’s always a good idea to take advantage of situation that’s around you. Today, for example, is April 1st.

Usually people play ‘April Fools.’

However, instead of just playing ‘April Fools’, you could use it to your advantage. You could, for example, confess everything to everyone. If somebody doesn’t like it, then just say, “April Fools.”

You’re getting two things at once. The first is, you’re able to say the truth, and the next is, you’re also on a safe side of it. Things can’t go wrong because you have a back up plan of saying “April Fools.”

It only works today. So, better take advantage of it when you can.

“April Fools” was just an example of how I’d explain taking advantage of your situations. There are numerous event that take place everyday which you could use it to your advantage. So, always keep an eye out for it, everyday.

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