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One Second Everyday Video (For Five Months) Interview

I started taking one second everyday video from September 13, 2013. And it reached 5 months on Feb 13, 2014. I’m really happy to publish one second video of five months. It’s like a major accomplishment for me.

Along those lines, Jamie from GreatBigScaryWorld was inspired and thought of doing something similar during his next journey; and he interviewed me. Here’s the link to the interview: ONE SECOND EVERYDAY (FOR FIVE MONTHS)

However, I was aware about his One Second Video from Istanbul, which we took in a single day.

It was something similar but not the same.

To be honest, if I hadn’t watched his One Second Video of Istanbul, I wouldn’t have started taking One Second Everyday. I watched Cesar’s TED talk only because I thought it would be interesting and something similar to Jamie’s one second of Istanbul.

You might enjoy watching other videos by Jamie as well. He hitchhikes and travels the world. He has produced some really creative travel videos during his hitchhike trip.  If you’re interested, here’s the link to his video galore: GreatBigScaryWorld Videos

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