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Titles Dont Matter

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After I write a post, my writing ends up nowhere near the title that I wrote before writing the post.

The blog post takes different route from the title. Titles are only there to keep my focus intact with the post. It doesn’t matter.

In similar fashion, goals are there to make you focus on your final destination. There’s no guarantee that you’ll reach the final destination you focused while you started out.

When I first started writing, I just wanted to share some quotes of people I admired. Later, I started writing essays, and not long after that, I started journaling.

I had no idea I would journal on my blog. It was completely different route from what I anticipated when starting out.

This is, I think, the beauty of titles in our life and goals. The destination is unknown and you don’t know where you’re going to end up. You might end up better off than before, or you might have to struggle all your life just to fail at your goal.

It all happens with time.

Titles do, however, help you stay on track – whether in life or while writing a post.

I’m writing this, and my blog post has started going off rails, but I’m keeping this post on track by looking at the title.

When you’re on a journey, you just look at your destination and figure out if you’re on the right track or not.

It’s all there is to know.

Goals are there to help you stay on track, just like how title helps to keep the post on track.

So, have specific goals while you start out on anything. You won’t know how you’ll end up, but you’ll have a guiding principle that will guide you throughout your journey. Titles dont matter.

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