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Use Dark Curtains For Your Bedroom to Improve Your Sleep

I have been trying to get my sleep schedule on shape.

I take sleep seriously – 8 hours everyday. Without it, I’m unproductive the whole day. For me, it’s not worth trading some sleep time for getting my work done. Because it takes more than triple the amount of time while working on low energy as to working after re-energizing.

Due to work situations, I can’t always get good quality and quantity sleep at night. So, I need to take power naps during the day.

I used to find it pretty difficult to sleep during day time. I wasn’t sure why.

Some months ago, I had to change curtains for my room. I randomly chose a dark curtain.

After changing the curtain, I felt very easy to sleep during the day.

It’s because the dark curtain stops light from entering the room, which helps you get good quality sleep.

I can now pretty much sleep anytime during the day. It’s all because of the dark curtain.

Choosing dark curtains for bedroom doesn’t sound particularly helpful for power naps, but it actually makes a huge difference while sleeping.

If you can’t sleep at night and have trouble sleeping during the day, use dark curtains for your bedroom. It dramatically helps you get sleep during the day.

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