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I Actually Finished Reading Musashi

Sebastian Marshall and Tynan highly recommended the book “Musashi“. I thought of reading it since it was highly recommended. I checked the book and figured it was almost 1,000 pages long – nine hundred and something pages. I thought it was impossible to read that book.

I had never read any books so big. I even struggled to read 400 page book. And Musashi was a story about a lone Samurai, which I wasn’t sure if I was interested. I was debating with myself if I’d be able to read the book or not.

Anyway, I thought of starting it. I’d always check the progress and get dissapointed with my progress. Even if I’d read hours and hours, the book would progress very little. I thought I’d take months and months before I can finish it.

I was also afraid that I’d forget some characters in the book since it was a big book. When I forget a character or some events in a book which marks a turning point in the book, I don’t enjoy as much. I stop reading the book because it won’t be fun to read.

When I started reading the book, I was highly skeptic if I’d finish the book. I thought I’d read for some time and leave it never to read again.

The book started with two guys–Matahachi and Takezo–on war. The story made me stick with it with time. It taught me about self discipline, life and lots of philosophy. The book is basically a journey about a ronin who later becomes one of the greatest swordsman in the world.

It did take some time for me to finish the book, but I did it. I successfully finished reading Musashi. I enjoyed the book, even though I couldn’t get into detail in some part because it consisted of Japanese history, which I wasn’t interested on.

Anything that looks difficult at first has the bigger reward, motivation, inspiration and satisfaction ratio compared to the things which look easier initially.

So it’s always better to choose and move with tasks which look difficult at first instead of staying at your comfort zone. That way, next time you’ll find the difficult things to be relatively easier.

Now next time when I see 1000 page book, I won’t be as scared to start as I was when I first started reading Musashi. And that’s a milestone, at least for me.


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