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Why It’s Extremely Important That You Learn To Handle Your Weakness

I have been stressing on goals and improving your strengths lately. But after seeing very less returns from both of those tasks, I’ve come to realize that it’s not strength that makes us successful. It’s how we handle our weakness that makes us successful.

Everyone has strengths. In fact, lots of people I know have tremendous strengths but can’t seem to get anywhere near success.

I’ve come to figure out that it’s largely because we focus more on strengths. We think that our strengths will get us closer to our goals.

But we were wrong – maybe not entirely. But we were wrong on some level.

It’s our ability to manage liabilities and weakness that makes us better than others. If we can handle our weakness pretty effectively then we’ll be better off most people who value strengths solely.

To make this more practical, think what you do when you’re bored or when you’re having very unproductive day. We usually slip down to that slippery slope where we don’t do any thing productive and surf the internet mindlessly. But a person who’s able to handle it will instead try to make it more productive. Will try to find ways to make that boredom work in his favor.

Their strength is the ability to manage their weakness. Since we can’t manage our weakness effectively, we are always below their level. It’s very important that you learn to handle and manage your weakness effectively.

I have some good habits and I try to use it as my main strength. But I always fall down to being unproductive. I eat unhealthy food even though I have healthy eating habits. Once I fall down, I can’t come up so easily.

It shows that I can’t manage my weakness. I can’t stop eating unhealthy foods when I fall into that trap of eating unhealthy foods. A person who can effectively handle his weakness would stop there and eat healthy foods. Or even if he eats unhealthy food, he would make sure he wouldn’t eat too much.

My weakness kills me, whereas his weakness empowers him to move forward from the rest of us.

Just don’t focus on your strength — everyone has that. Focus on learning to manage and handle your weakness.

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