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You are Planting Seeds Everywhere

Planting Seeds
I jump from the roof and grip hold of a steel bar. And I fly with my hands gripped on the bar for sometime. I then let loose of it and land safely.

I used to do this every time I went to the roof of my house.

One day, my niece was watching me do that. She was pretty small, who had just learned to walk properly. I left the roof and when I came back, she was jumping from the roof.

Thankfully there was my cousin who caught her. If not, she’d be dead.

She jumped from the roof because she saw me do that. She didn’t knew if it was right or wrong. She saw what I did, and did the same.

If my cousin wasn’t present there, she would likely have died that day or badly injured. It was too high – about 15 to 20 feet.

After that, I have never tried doing any stunt or act in front of children which can harm them.

They learn from what we do. If we do something, they start to do the same, be it good or bad.

We are planting seed everywhere. If we do something bad, we’re planting a bad seed. If we do something good, we’re planting a good seed. It grows with time.

I have my own ethics to plant seed everywhere I go. But, unconsciously we are doing it everyday. We don’t have to make it a ethics or forceful decision. You beget whatever you plant. Maybe you don’t get back the same value, but you’re planting seed everywhere. 

You’re either planting seeds unconsciously, or consciously by making it your ethics. If you are conscious, then you can choose to plant good seeds, which is way better than planting bad seeds unconsciously.

Start planting good seeds everywhere. It will grow to become better plant, which will produce even better seeds.

It’s also true the other way round. So consciously make the decision of planting good seeds, instead of unconsciously taking the wrong route.

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