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Rinse and Repeat

I usually feel demotivated to organize and work on self improvement after I fail to master it. I try and do it again, and fail again. It then starts to get very frustrating.

I was aware that I need to work on it constantly, but not sure how much. I have been doing the same thing for years and always fail at organizing my life and being effective. Just when I was thinking that I failed at it, Sebastian Marshall posted a new post where he talks about it:

Learning to master operations, organization, and maximum effectiveness is probably a 10+ year process. You get there by trying and failing and trying and failing repeatedly, and have to stay at it to get there.

People don’t like to hear that, but it’s true. Like, everyone wants to read a single blog post or read a single book and transform into Elon Musk or Richard Branson overnight. But like, read about those guys talking about when they were young. Young Branson wasn’t Branson; young Musk wasn’t Musk. So, like, duh, that’s not possible.

This post gave me vague idea of how much time I need to learn to master operations, organize and be effective. I’m not even on the first quarter of 10 years. So, I need to rinse and repeat until I get better at it day by day.

When he labeled 10+ years, I began to feel like I’m in the initial stage of improving.  If I stick to it, I’ll reach there.

Just be consistent. Rinse and repeat.

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