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Snapchat or YouTube for Vlogging

Right now, I’m thinking of posting my snapchat stories here on the blog. That way I’ll also have some videos to share. It will be like my journals. I like the idea of Vlogging, but it consumes lots of time. So, instead, I could think of using Snapchat in the beginning.

After I’m comfortable talking, I can consider putting in video blogs on my blog as well. I’ll use YouTube and then post it here. However, I need to check both of it. Which works and which doesn’t.

I’m either using Snapchat fully and then posting it’s videos. Or using GoPro or my mobile phone to capture daily videos and posting it on YouTube. The latter option requires me to edit. So, I need to spare sometime everyday for it. The plus point is that my editing skills will improve.

I need to consider both and see which one fits my needs in the long run.

I think taking videos and editing is better option because I will have those videos on my hands forever. I can use it anytime in the future. It will remain as a memory.

Whereas Snapchat is temporary. It’s just to show the world what’s up with you and then it’s not usable for future videos. You could download and add those videos in the future, but the videos are usually portrait, which won’t help in the long run.

Let’s see what I’ll stick to. Both are in my list. I’ll consider choosing one and sticking to it.

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